Table games

The latest Covid restrictions make it it seem unlikely that the Table Games groups activities will resume before the New Year. It really could be a miserable last 3 months of 2020.

With this in mind we have decided to offer an ‘on-line’ Bridge session. This would be organised using BBO at a time to suit folk.  BBO is ‘free’ to sign up and our games would be members only.

If you are interested then please contact Cath or Phil.


Art Quiz September 18th

1   Which  Liverpool Church has stained glass windows by William               Morris?

2  The painting ‘The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Nicolaes Tulp’ is the work           of which Dutch artist?



Who painted Girl by window?






4  Which four letter word beginning with W describes, in weaving, the    crosswise threads on a loom, over and under which the warp are        passed to make cloth?


Which Glasgow-based sculptor, whose works include artificial trees and a leaning litter bin, won the 2011 Turner Prize?

6    What is the nickname of Thierry Guetta, the French-born street-      artist?


7 Name this art  genre?






8     Where was  this amazing Pink edifice constructed?




7   We know Marc Chagall as a  painter,  he was  also  a wonderful  glass artist. Where in Britain would you find this wonderful window??


Who created this sculpture and  what it’s title?   10  who are these two lovely ladies??

Digital camera group

In the short to medium term it looks like our activities will be restricted to the bi weekly photo displays.  After Terry asked for feedback on the groups current activities it seems we have a few of issues that need to be addressed.  Basically, these are:

  • members want to continue with the group
  • members want to continue our current 2 weekly displays
  • some tech help needed with ‘uploading images’

The future subjects and dates are:

21 Sep    night shots  Some tips here
05 Oct     the town      19 Oct     gardening
02 Nov    industrial     16 Nov    shapes       30 Nov    churches/cathedrals
14 Dec    Open subject

The rules are very straightforward:  A maximum of 3 NEW pictures submitted to Terry a couple of days before the due date. It is helpful if the image size is reduced to 500 Kb !

As before, the collected images will be published on the web site but will also be  ‘vetted’ and the ‘best’ 3 will be notated accordingly.  No prizes but ‘bragging rights’

If anyone wants help with uploading images or any technical help with IT or photography then please contact Phil or any of the DigiCam or IT teams.

If you have a general query, that maybe of group interest, use the ‘reply’ function.

Some great help files here

art quiz Sept 11th

edouard_leon_cortes_e1398_la_route_apres_la_pluie_wm_small.jpg La route après la pluie
 Translate the  title by Edouard  Leon Cortes

2  Who is sporting this moustache?

3    What do you get if you mix Red and Black paint?
4  Who did the art work for this famous bear?
5  What is the most famous piece of  Byzantine  architecture ?
6   Which  French artist did the Turban?
Which modern artist did this best friends? if you viewed Whitewall email , I sent you have it.
                                             8  Which graffiti artist did this Girl with balloon?   
9Merlin-Thomas-Malory-pen-and-ink-drawing-edition-Aubrey.jpg What type of medium is used  to produce this very Spooky Merlin?
10giant father xmas blacklers.jpgAre you able to remember this Giant Father Christmas ?  if so Where was it located in Liverpool city centre?

Art Quiz September 4th 2020

Laurence Holfencenr.jpgLaurence Holofcener’s sculptures of whom?
2   What are Easter Island Sculptured Heads called by the Rapa Nui people?
gustav-klimt-background.jpg3    Which artist painted this background<
  •  Egon Schiele
  •  Alfred Kubin
  •  Gustav Klimt
  •  Friedensreich Hundertwasser
        4        What Dynasty is this vase from?chriedu-2 vase.jpg
5           What is the name of the cross dressing British artist?
lotus-ganesha-sue-halstenberg.jpg6     This God Ganesha is from which culture?
7      Who always left his mark in form of a wooden mouse? and what was his nickname?
8      Who created The Thinker in stone?
9     Which artist won the 2007 Turner Prize with State Britain?
 10    Who was the architect for Liverpool Catholic Cathedral?