Law for fun -18th July

On 18th July 2019 I explained the law relating to Undercover Policing and discussed the tensions between such investigative techniques and article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights. Group members were invited to reflect upon the moral and ethical conundrums facing the police in their fight against crime. Those who attended on 20th June 2019 will recall that due to technical problems I couldn’t play a video clip. The link to the clip is set out below together with the remaining Reith Lectures given by Jonathan Sumption.

Law For Fun

The next meeting for this group is 20th June at Lydiate Villiage Hall. (not Parish Hall) at 2-4pm.  John has recommended the following :

These are excellent lectures and eclipses anything I could do!

The Reith Lectures – 2019: Jonathan Sumption, 1/5. Law’s Expanding Empire – @bbcradio4

The Reith Lectures – 2019: Jonathan Sumption, 2/5. In Praise of Politics – @bbcradio4

Some of the members of this group are away this month so if you would like to come to this meeting come to the Group Support desk on a Tuesday morning or text Brenda McKenzie on 07900525222

Law for Fun – no meeting in May

There will be no “Law for Fun” on 16th May as John is unavailable. In the
third session to be held on 20th June 2019 John will talk through some of
the basic components of our legal system ie sources of law, different types
of court, basic criminal liability and the rules of evidence as they apply
to confessions. John will also go through a case study involving a high
profile miscarriage of justice ( suggested by a group member) but will end
the session on a “fun” note”!
As some of the group members are away on that date we have room for some other members to attend this meeting.  If you are not part of the group and would like to attend please come to the Group Support desk or text Brenda McKenzie on 07900525222

Law for Fun 18th April 2- 4pm

After the very popular taster session for this group interested members signed up to be part of this group.  The group at present is now full.  

“In the second meeting of the “Law for Fun” group, John Dilworth will explain how the Crown Prosecution Service works. In particular John will focus on the application of the Code for Crown Prosecutors. Members of the group will be presented with some scenarios to decide whether, if they were prosecutors, they would prosecute or not”

Law For Fun

After the taster session for the above group, members were asked to either visit the Group Support Desk on 25/3 or to text me on 07900525222 to ask to join the Law for Fun group. There are just 2 places left.  If you want to join the group you will need to be quick.  Text me on the above number please.

Law for Fun: 1st successful meeting of this new group

The first meeting of this new group took place this afternoon. A relatively new member of our U3A stepped up and took on the mantle of a new group. Thank you John for doing this! 52 people attended, which I think is a record for a new group. We were introduced to some of the 59 articles enshrined in law by the European Convention of Human rights, as well as hearing about the unconventional route John had taken to become a Barrister. The talk was lively and informative and was appreciated by the audience.The group will continue to be held in the afternoon of the 3rd Thursday each month. If you wish to continue to attend, or were unable to make this group but wish to join, please see Brenda McKenzie on the group support desk at the coffee morning.

Law for Fun UPDATE

The Law for Fun group is now full.  50 people have purchased tickets to attend the first meeting of this group on 21st March at Lydiate Village Hall Lambshear Lane 2-4pm.  Only people with tickets can attend the first meeting of this group.  We may be able to have a second group in the future if we have enough people.

Law For Fun Important Notice

We have had an exceptional amount of interest from members who may wish to attend  our new group “Law for Fun” . In order to ensure it is a pleasurable experience for the leader and members, numbers attending the first meeting will be limited to 50.  Anyone wishing to attend can obtain an allocated ticket at the Tuesday Coffee morning from the Group Support Desk for a payment of £1.50.  This will cover admission and refreshments.  Entry without a ticket may not be possible. The first meeting will be on 21st March at 2-4pm in Lydiate Village Hall in Lambshear Lane.

Law for Fun 21st March

John Dilworth is one of our new members.  He is willing to start a new group which we are calling Law for Fun.  This is what John  has to say about the new Group

“I am a recently retired  Barrister. In the first session of “Law for Fun” I will share with you details of my unconventional journey into the law. I will also tell you about different roles I have had during 40 years within our Criminal Justice System. “Law for Fun” is probably something of a misnomer because law is a serious business. During my career I have dealt  cases that have impacted tragically on those involved. Law also involves conflict which is  rarely a good thing. Law can often be complex and at times mystifying. My aim will be to unravel some of the complexity  by talking to you about some legal topics that may be of interest to you. I hope that the talks will be inter active and that you ask lots of questions. By adopting this approach we can enjoy “Law for Fun”! Continue reading

New Group – Law For Fun

One of our new members is a qualified Barrister and has recently retired from a “life of crime” that spanned over 40 years and in his words is now living on the proceeds.

He is willing to talk about a number of legal topics in a relaxed and entertaining way.

He will not  talk about whether you should pay your parking tickets from Maghull Square but will provide a light hearted look at some legal topics (and perhaps to bust some urban myths!

Some of the topics that could be covered:

  • Human Rights, what is all the fuss about?
  • How does the European Convention on Human Rights impact on the Criminal Justice System?

He will also try to cover any other topic that people may be interested in for example :-

  • How did a humble snail have such a huge impact on English Law?
  • What did we learn from two sailors and a cabin boy that is still being talked about today?
  • Why do I have a car that is impossible to rob?

We need to know  how many people would be interested in attending this group before we  book a suitable venue. We hope to start the group in March on the afternoon of the  3rd Thursday  (21st March).  If you are interested please add your name to the list on the Group Support Desk or text Brenda on 07900525222