Law for fun

Law For Fun group members seem to have found the topic of Undercover Policing interesting.

This link takes you to the home page of the Mitting Inquiry.

The Inquiry will take three years or more.

It may be of interest to members not just because of the subject matter but because of the fact that it examines social and political history via a unique prism.

Law for fun

Dear Law for Fun members (and non group members who may be interested).

In these troubled times many of us have holidays and such like booked which we cannot take because of COVID.

Those of you who attended my session on contract will recall that I covered frustrated contracts. These are prime examples of frustrated contracts ( ie they cannot be performed for reasons beyond the control of each party). In such circumstances, subject to the deduction of reasonable expenses and payments, (the consideration) should be refunded.

Further indemnity can be found in section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 ( if you paid by credit card; you should always pay by credit card).

What do you do if the deposit has been paid and the full payment is due?

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Law for fun – news

Dear Law for Fun group member ( and for others who may be interested (particularly the philosophy group)).   Earlier this year I went through the process of assessing damages for tortious liability in cases involving a fatality ( multiplicands and multipliers, remember)

Here is a Radio 4 program which explores the issues involved. It focuses on the USA but is nonetheless relevant. It is called “The Price of Life”.

This program may also be of interest to members of the Philosophy Group who I was due to speak to prior to the lockdown on the issue of Sanctity of Life.

Hopefully we can revisit these issues after the lockdown whenever that may be!

Stay safe all! – John Dilworth

Law for fun

Dear Law for Fun Group members ( and non group members who may be interested)

Prior to the lockdown I had proposed to talk to you about how prosecutors wrestle with their responsibilities in relation to disclosure in criminal proceedings. To whet your appetite for when we return to normality I attach two links to radio programmes that may be of interest.

The first, Law in Action,  includes a perspective from a former Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders ( my old boss)!

The second is a programme entitled “Second Class Citizen” which highlights the wrongful conviction of a number of sub post masters and mistresses.

When I present my talk on disclosure I will highlight these cases as an example of what can go wrong when disclosure is not properly addressed in a criminal trial.

On a lighter note I have also attached an episode of “Fair Cop”, presented by Alfie Moore a former Humberside police officer. The topic of the programme is informants,  which you will recall from one of my earlier talks are “Covert Human Intelligence Sources (CHIS)”.

If you want to listen to more episodes of either Law in Action or Fair Cop you can get them via the BBC Sounds App.

Take care and stay safe – John Dilworth

Law For Fun

The next meeting for this group is 20th June at Lydiate Villiage Hall. (not Parish Hall) at 2-4pm.  John has recommended the following :

These are excellent lectures and eclipses anything I could do!

The Reith Lectures – 2019: Jonathan Sumption, 1/5. Law’s Expanding Empire – @bbcradio4

The Reith Lectures – 2019: Jonathan Sumption, 2/5. In Praise of Politics – @bbcradio4

Some of the members of this group are away this month so if you would like to come to this meeting come to the Group Support desk on a Tuesday morning or text Brenda McKenzie on 07900525222

Law for Fun – no meeting in May

There will be no “Law for Fun” on 16th May as John is unavailable. In the
third session to be held on 20th June 2019 John will talk through some of
the basic components of our legal system ie sources of law, different types
of court, basic criminal liability and the rules of evidence as they apply
to confessions. John will also go through a case study involving a high
profile miscarriage of justice ( suggested by a group member) but will end
the session on a “fun” note”!
As some of the group members are away on that date we have room for some other members to attend this meeting.  If you are not part of the group and would like to attend please come to the Group Support desk or text Brenda McKenzie on 07900525222

Law for Fun 18th April 2- 4pm

After the very popular taster session for this group interested members signed up to be part of this group.  The group at present is now full.  

“In the second meeting of the “Law for Fun” group, John Dilworth will explain how the Crown Prosecution Service works. In particular John will focus on the application of the Code for Crown Prosecutors. Members of the group will be presented with some scenarios to decide whether, if they were prosecutors, they would prosecute or not”