Art Quiz September 18th

1   Which  Liverpool Church has stained glass windows by William               Morris?

2  The painting ‘The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Nicolaes Tulp’ is the work           of which Dutch artist?



Who painted Girl by window?






4  Which four letter word beginning with W describes, in weaving, the    crosswise threads on a loom, over and under which the warp are        passed to make cloth?


Which Glasgow-based sculptor, whose works include artificial trees and a leaning litter bin, won the 2011 Turner Prize?

6    What is the nickname of Thierry Guetta, the French-born street-      artist?


7 Name this art  genre?






8     Where was  this amazing Pink edifice constructed?




7   We know Marc Chagall as a  painter,  he was  also  a wonderful  glass artist. Where in Britain would you find this wonderful window??


Who created this sculpture and  what it’s title?   10  who are these two lovely ladies??

art quiz Sept 11th

edouard_leon_cortes_e1398_la_route_apres_la_pluie_wm_small.jpg La route après la pluie
 Translate the  title by Edouard  Leon Cortes

2  Who is sporting this moustache?

3    What do you get if you mix Red and Black paint?
4  Who did the art work for this famous bear?
5  What is the most famous piece of  Byzantine  architecture ?
6   Which  French artist did the Turban?
Which modern artist did this best friends? if you viewed Whitewall email , I sent you have it.
                                             8  Which graffiti artist did this Girl with balloon?   
9Merlin-Thomas-Malory-pen-and-ink-drawing-edition-Aubrey.jpg What type of medium is used  to produce this very Spooky Merlin?
10giant father xmas blacklers.jpgAre you able to remember this Giant Father Christmas ?  if so Where was it located in Liverpool city centre?

Art Quiz September 4th 2020

Laurence Holfencenr.jpgLaurence Holofcener’s sculptures of whom?
2   What are Easter Island Sculptured Heads called by the Rapa Nui people?
gustav-klimt-background.jpg3    Which artist painted this background<
  •  Egon Schiele
  •  Alfred Kubin
  •  Gustav Klimt
  •  Friedensreich Hundertwasser
        4        What Dynasty is this vase from?chriedu-2 vase.jpg
5           What is the name of the cross dressing British artist?
lotus-ganesha-sue-halstenberg.jpg6     This God Ganesha is from which culture?
7      Who always left his mark in form of a wooden mouse? and what was his nickname?
8      Who created The Thinker in stone?
9     Which artist won the 2007 Turner Prize with State Britain?
 10    Who was the architect for Liverpool Catholic Cathedral?

Art Quiz 23, set by Ted Short

1. Graffiti comes from the Italian word graffiato. What does graffiato mean?
2. Which American painter is best known for his paintings depicting the rural
American Midwest, particularly American Gothic?
(a) Edward Hopper, (b) Daniel Clowes, (c) Grant Wood, (d) Bill Watterson

3. To which Renaissance artist is Salvator Mundi, which sold for $450,300,000
at Christies in New York in 2017, usually attributed?

4. One of the most famous images of the French Revolution was painted by
Jacques-Louis David in 1793. It depicts the assassination of the revolutionary
journalist Jean-Paul _______, by Charlotte Corday. It has been described as the
first moderistic painting for “the way it took the stuff of politics as its material,
and did not transmute it

5 Which Impressionist spent 7 years on The Bathers, yet still considered it
unfinished when he died in 1906?

6. Which pointillist painted the large canvas (79 inches x 118 inches)
Bathers at Asnieres in 1884, depicting a placid suburban scene by
the River Seine?

For a bonus mark, in which famous capital city gallery would you be able to
view it?
7. Which famous photographer / singer snapped The Beatles at Brian Epstein’s house
in Belgravia at the launch of Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band in 1967?

8. Vincent Van Gogh painted Starry Night in 1889 in St-Remy-de-Provence, but
from what type of building was he staying at the time?

9. The Yellow Christ and The Green Christ are two key works of Symbolism in
painting. Which French painter produced them in 1899?

10. In which city would you find the Ashmolean Museum?

Art quiz 22 Take care

 1    Where did this Goddess Medusa come from?
Who created this beautiful broach?    
3 What does the art term Scumbling mean?
 4  Where did Salvador Dali
                      5 Who’s  Sculptures  do we have on Crosby Beach?
             6  What is the large sculpture in Gateshead called?
           7   Where did Vincent van Gogh spend his later years?

8   What does the term scumbling in art mean?

9  What is the famous  tapestry in Normandy called?
          10  Which Italian city was this fresco unearthed?

Art Quiz 20

1  What colour is named Prussian?

2 Who’s red lips inspired Dali’s  sofa?
3 Where was Surrealist artist Lenora  Carrington born?
4 Who painted Heinz soup cans?
5 What was Paul McCartney’s wife famous for?
6 What Nationality was Whistler?
7  Who were the Glasgow Four Art Nouveau artist?
The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express.
9 What is the common name for this design?
10  Who was the  Russian pioneer of Abstract Art?

Art Quiz 19

 1 Who  painted this God of Wine?
  2    What term describes this type of art?
3    Which artist said  “I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream” ?
4   Which American has the name of a precious stone?
5  Where would you be if you viewed this amazing architecture?
6  Who designed Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral?
7  Which country sent  Warriors to World Museum Liverpool?
 8   Why have these tomb paintings lasted so long?   
    9    Which  renaissance  artist  created his sculpture David?       *
10  What colour in Cilla Black’s  Rainbow song is not in a Rainbow?

Art Quiz 18

1    Which  Austrian artist painted the Kiss

2     What is Salvador Dali’s most famous artwork?
3     Who  was his muse?
4      Who did Roald Dahl commission to cartoon his books?
5      Leda and the Swan was painted by which Italian artist? 
6      Where was David Hockney born?
7      Name Clement Freud’s famous brother?
8      Which artist has a style of beard named after him?
9      Who was the illustrationist  for Peter Pan books as seen here?
peter Pan eggleston.jpg
10      Who designed la sagrada familia?