Art Appreciation – Quiz 15. July 3 rd

Hi all

 I hope these are answerable with some research maybe, but what else have you to do?


What genre of art is this painting by Alphonse Mucha?
2     The Girl With a….’what’? Is a 17th Century painting by Johannes Vermeer?
3     Where did Toulouse Lautrec usually hang out with Absinthe?
4   Which artist made this quote;?
    I am no longer an artist,I am a messenger for those who want the war to go on         forever…and may it burn their lousy souls?
5   What famous painting is on the new £20 note?
6   How many art works, Paintings, Sculptures, or Photographs are called The Kiss?
7 Who painted this flower? Light-of-Iris-1924-Georgia-OKeeffe-1.jpg
8  The painting , The Dinner Party was by a local artist.  Where did we view it on one of our local art trips?               N.B   ( if you came should will remember)
9  How many Guggenheim Galleries are there?
1 0 Who did Frida  Kahlo marry and how many times?
11 Which British Pop Artist did this Collage?

12  Which famous statesman when asked  to cut the art funding                during the war,

           Said” then what are we fighting for?
 Good Luck

joking apart?

It’s Father’s Day today, so here’s a big list of jokes to make your dad laugh:
1. Just ate a frozen apple. Hardcore.
2. Bought a litre of Tipp-Ex yesterday. Huge mistake.
3. I’ve started a business building yachts in my attic. Sails are going through the roof.
4. I stayed up all night to see where the sun went. Then it dawned on me.
5. I tried to catch some fog today but I mist.

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Art Quiz no. 12 ! Phew.

Hi Art lovers, week 12 of me racking my brains for interesting questions  to test your art skills..  It seems they are becoming a little more challenging so  searching for answers any way you can is acceptable. Your brain is still being put to good use and you never know you may retain some of the knowledge for life after lock down.

I hope your all staying safe and NOT taking any chances, it’s still out there.

I have been busy painting this is my take on Britain in lock down If you can decipher any of it let me know.


See you all  soon for a big Artistic get together. Take care –

Maureen and George


Digital camera group

We have been asked if any Maghull and Lydiate  U3A members can enter the Digital Camera Groups’  bi monthly competitions.  The group leaders have agreed to have open entry while we are virus bound so you are invited to enter.  There are no prizes on offer, just the glory and a possible viewing at our yearly exposition 🙂

The conditions are stated below:

  • Open to ALL  members.
  • Maximum  of 3 entries per person please.
  • File format to be JPEG with a maximum size of 1 MB
  • email to
  • Entries no later than 3 days before the subject date
  • The subjects and dates are listed below.

20 Apr  Birds and animals  04 May  Landscape  18 May  Winter   01 Jun  Nature

So good luck and getting snapping!

Art appreciation

Hi all, sorry and sad we have to cancel all events until further notice.
However we do have some art quizzes available if you wish to try them out.  Just a bit of fun to while away the isolation .
email  if you wish to be added to the list.

Take care and stay safe – Maureen