Family history @ library

Maghull/Meadows Library we will be introducing a Family History Help Desk to give members of the public some support when they are researching their own family history. Initially it will be two sessions, Thursday 14th  and 28th April.

We will be pre booking thirty minute slots for the public beginning at 10:15 -12:15.

They can email or ring us on 0151 288 6727.  Jayne

Family History – Program 2022

Meetings at Lydiate Parish Centre, Lambshear Lane 2pm. First Thursday monthly

7th Apr            All – 1861  Choose a Family Tree member, what can you find out?
5th May           No meeting 
2nd Jun          No meeting
7th Jul             Gill and Doug  –  Breaking through a ‘Brick Wall’.  The Mystery of Henry                                                  Oldfield and Harriet Walker
Aug – No meeting
1st Sep            Tom  –  Popular Music 1914-1963, looking at the influence it had.
6th Oct             Kate Hurst  –  WDYTYA (Who Do You Think You Are)
3rd Nov            All –  Modes of Transport used by our ancestors
1st Dec            Christmas meeting

We also discuss Family History Research problems and as a group make suggestions to help.

Family History – Sep – Dec 2021

We plan to hold meetings in the Lydiate Village Centre, Lambshear Lane, at 1.30pm in the larger middle room.

3rd September  2021   Great to be back party.

Progress, Assistance. Recording what we did or didn’t do in “Lockdown 2020 – 2021

Tea/Coffee and Cake!

1st October 2021

Select a member from your family tree and explore what they would have worn for work or leisure. Hats, suits, dresses etc. What was the fashion for their social standing?

5th November 2021

Old wedding photos. Discuss styles through the years, Bride and Groom as well as guests.

3rd December 2021

Quiz (any offers), party food.

Any ideas you have for the 2022 program would be appreciated.

Family History 2021 Programme

Mar   1861

Apr   Progress and Assistance

May  Which Magazine is best for Family Historians?

Jun   What did your family do in WWI and WWII (or other Battles).

Jul    Should we need more than one Family History company subscription in order to be successful?


Sep  What do you know of your family holidays prior to WWII or WWII?

Oct   Select a member from your Family Tree and explore what they would have worn for work and for leisure. Hats, suits, dresses etc. What was the fashion for their social standing.

Nov   Select a family member from 1851 and draw up a picture . Where did they live, what did they do, where did they go. Maps pictures, anything that makes them more real, and not just a name in your tree.

Dec  Quiz and Meal (possibly Virtual) – free access

From M+L U3A member Dave Russell:

Just to let you know I spoke to Sefton Libraries today and for the duration of lock-down they have free access for their library members to  which I thought might be of interest to some of your group members. People can also become a member of the library remotely by emailing and there is also access to free daily newspapers and magazines  as well which is great.

Really hope this information is helpful and if there is anything I can help with at all please don’t hesitate to ask,  


Family history news

As I am sure you all must have heard by now, U3A, including Family History, have had to close for the foreseeable future.
However, as our next two programmed meeting topics entailed us all having an input, I thought we might do a little ‘homework’ to lighten the boredom, particularly those incarcerated in self isolation.
If we use the year 1861, choose a family member, and find out as much as you can about that person. Where they lived, what they did for an occupation, who lived with them, were they married? If so where?
Having found out as much as you can, then see if you can develop this more with pictures from google earth, maps of the area, photos of the church where they were married. Picture if known of where they worked.
Compiled into a few pages it could be quite an interesting  meeting when we meet again.
In the mean time, keep in touch now we have a U3A Fam History contact group.
Hints:- Family Search (free), Google Earth (free), Google Maps or other, Census records.
Best presentation gets a prize (independent judge)

Family History Open Day

The Family History Group held a successful open day last Friday.  People who attended were helped to progress with their family tree by members of the group.  Feedback received was very positive.  Pam also gave a very informative talk on her family tree.

I am working on my family tree and I have been so grateful for the help I have received from members of the group, this is what the U3A is all about.  The leaders are available at the coffee mornings on a Tuesday, so if you need some direction on how to start a family tree, why not have a word with them.

Family History – Open Day

Lydiate Village Centre   – Friday 7 June 2019 1.30-3.30

Rich or Poor?    Adopted?   How did they live?  Where?        When were they born?         Die?  In service?        Transported ?   Emigrated? Did they marry?   How many children?  

Soldier,  Sailor, Butcher, Candlestick maker?

Find how to answer all these questions and start YOUR Family Tree

Paperwork: births, marriage or death certificates will help you start your search.