Family History – 7th March

Back to Basics

Just a reminder that our meeting is this Thursday 2pm at Lydiate Village Centre.

As we had some new members we decided to change the topic, and bring ‘ Back to Basics’ forward to this month.

I hope it will be useful to new members, but also give us all a reminder of keeping documents and records of our findings up to date.

Never too late to learn, bring your thinking caps to help us all.


Family History – Feb. 1st

1841 Census

The 1841 census is considered to be the first modern UK census. Each householder was required to complete a census schedule which contained the household address and the names, ages, sexes, occupations and places of birth of each individual living at the address.

Choose any member of your family alive in 1841 young or old. Where did the live, are they married, have a job. Which research methods did you use?


Family History Group

Most of us know about our parents and grandparents, but then it can get a bit vague.

Where did the family come from?
What did they do?
Have they always lived and worked in the same area?
How far back can they be traced?

Finding this out can be the start of an adventure.
Our friendly u3a Family History Group can help you get started on this adventure, and help you explore more.

Come along for a Tea/Coffee (bring your own mug) and give us a try.

First Thursday of each month, 2.00 – 4.00pm

Lydiate Village Centre


Tuesday Notices 02.05.23

Family History Group

Due to polling this group will not be able to meet on the 4th May, so the next meeting will be on the 11th May at 2:00 pm at Lydiate Village Centre. Our speaker will be Kate Hurst who has been to our group on a previous occasion and whose talk then met with great enthusiasm by the group.

On the 11th her talk is entitled ‘Gamekeepers and Innkeepers’ and is a story of the gamekeepers and innkeepers in Kate’s family, who travelled from Suffolk to Nottinghamshire (via Essex, Yorkshire, North Wales and Lincolnshire) between 1800 and 1930.  Her talk will consist anecdotes of not only how her ancestors lived but how their employers lived as well. It promises to be an informative tale of ‘how the other half lived’ and more.

Family History – Next Meeting


An illustrated talk by Kate Hurst

THURSDAY 11th MAY 2023



A story of gamekeepers and Innkeepers in Kate’s family, who travelled from Suffolk to Nottinghamshire (via Essex, Yorkshire, North Wales and Lincolnshire) between 1800 and 1930.
What some of their very distinguished employers got up to. Titles and grand country houses come up again and again.

Family History — 2023 Programme


2nd Feb. —  Pam

Rationing. How did people cope with rationing during and after WWII.

2nd Mar. —  All

1851. Choose a family member, any age. Where they lived, worked, Married. All you can find out about the person selected.

6th Apr.

Volunteer to tell their Fam History journey. Resources and methods used.

4th May. —  Speaker Kate Hurst.    Open meeting bring a Friend.

Innkeepers and Gamekeepers.

1st Jun.  —  Pam

 Place Names and their meaning.

 6th July.  —  All

Monarchy and my family. Did the family meet, guard, official, honours, Garden Party, have a picture of monarch on the wall?

Aug  —  no meeting

7th Sept.  —   All

How far has your family moved? Where, When and Why.

5th Oct. —   All

Family Traits. Is there a trend, musicians, jobs, interests, theatre, politics?

2nd Nov.  —  All

Have you inherited any wearable heirlooms (jewellery, watches etc)?

7th Dec.

Christmas Party. Family, school, church, youth club, work or other.


Family History – WDYTYA ?

6TH OCTOBER 2022 at 2.00pm

u3a Family History group have invited Kate, a researcher from WDYTYA (who do you think you are) to give us an insight into the programmes in depth research methods. Whether you are doing Family History, or have seen the programme, you will enjoy Kate’s anecdotal talk.

£2 entry includes tea/coffee. Bring your own cup.

All are welcome


Family history @ library

Maghull/Meadows Library we will be introducing a Family History Help Desk to give members of the public some support when they are researching their own family history. Initially it will be two sessions, Thursday 14th  and 28th April.

We will be pre booking thirty minute slots for the public beginning at 10:15 -12:15.

They can email or ring us on 0151 288 6727.  Jayne