Family History

Well, we are back, the Village Centre accommodated us well. It was spacious and airy, and has room to expand, and still feel safe.
Our meeting went well, everyone had been double jabbed which made us more comfortable.
It was interesting to hear what people had done during lockdown and beyond, this included more walking, reading, gardening, more family research, keeping a daily log, and making model trains. All very good, but as we said, we should keep a record in our family history records for future generations to know how we coped with the pandemic in 2020/21.
We discussed the various FH companies, and how each had merits enabling some members to have reached far and wide with their family trees.
Next month’s meeting will be on the 1st October, 1.30 pm at Lydiate Village Centre.
As always, I feel it is important to know what our ancestors were like, as this will make our family history more interesting to future generations.
Our topic is to select a member from your family tree, any age, any period, but then try and find the type of clothes they would have worn for work or leisure. Hats, suits, dresses,shoes, clogs?
What was the fashion of the day, and for their social standing.
If you wish to show pictures, put them on a memory stick, or email them to me and we can show them on the ‘big screen’.
Keep smiling, and see you all soon.



Family History – Sep – Dec 2021

We plan to hold meetings in the Lydiate Village Centre, Lambshear Lane, at 1.30pm in the larger middle room.

3rd September  2021   Great to be back party.

Progress, Assistance. Recording what we did or didn’t do in “Lockdown 2020 – 2021

Tea/Coffee and Cake!

1st October 2021

Select a member from your family tree and explore what they would have worn for work or leisure. Hats, suits, dresses etc. What was the fashion for their social standing?

5th November 2021

Old wedding photos. Discuss styles through the years, Bride and Groom as well as guests.

3rd December 2021

Quiz (any offers), party food.

Any ideas you have for the 2022 program would be appreciated.

Family History 2021 Programme

Mar   1861

Apr   Progress and Assistance

May  Which Magazine is best for Family Historians?

Jun   What did your family do in WWI and WWII (or other Battles).

Jul    Should we need more than one Family History company subscription in order to be successful?


Sep  What do you know of your family holidays prior to WWII or WWII?

Oct   Select a member from your Family Tree and explore what they would have worn for work and for leisure. Hats, suits, dresses etc. What was the fashion for their social standing.

Nov   Select a family member from 1851 and draw up a picture . Where did they live, what did they do, where did they go. Maps pictures, anything that makes them more real, and not just a name in your tree.

Dec  Quiz and Meal (possibly Virtual)

Family history news

As I am sure you all must have heard by now, U3A, including Family History, have had to close for the foreseeable future.
However, as our next two programmed meeting topics entailed us all having an input, I thought we might do a little ‘homework’ to lighten the boredom, particularly those incarcerated in self isolation.
If we use the year 1861, choose a family member, and find out as much as you can about that person. Where they lived, what they did for an occupation, who lived with them, were they married? If so where?
Having found out as much as you can, then see if you can develop this more with pictures from google earth, maps of the area, photos of the church where they were married. Picture if known of where they worked.
Compiled into a few pages it could be quite an interesting  meeting when we meet again.
In the mean time, keep in touch now we have a U3A Fam History contact group.
Hints:- Family Search (free), Google Earth (free), Google Maps or other, Census records.
Best presentation gets a prize (independent judge)

Calf’s Head Country House Hotel and Shackleton’s Garden Centre

Wednesday 13th  February 2019

To start the Garden Visits new year, we have arranged a 2 course Carvery lunch at the Calf’s Head Country House Hotel Worseton, Clitheroe.

We will first visit Shackleton’s Garden Nursery. It’s a well stocked garden centre and hopefully, give us some spring inspiration!! They have a warm and welcoming cafe which you can have a morning coffee/tea if you wish.

Later, we will go to the Calf’s Head Country house Hotel for our Carvery Lunch with a choice of two or three roast meats and a selection of delightful desserts. Then to finish tea/coffee (included in the meal)

Cost of trip. £23 including coach

Depart Maghull Square  9.15am

Return Maghull Square 5.30pm approx

Family History 2019

Jan 4th    Bring deposit for (late) Christmas meal.

Discovering a Local Hero.   Tom White

Feb 1st    Translating documents.   Pam & Ros 

Mar 1st    Using Computers for Family History.    Doug Bird.

Apr 5th    Irish/Scottish records

May 3rd   1871  ===  What can you find about your ancestors in that year?  All

Jun 7th    Open Day.  talk, stalls and help desks.  All

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