Technology and science

Well guys, it looks like we can get the ball rolling in September. Topics will be:

08 Sep  ‘Emerald green and walls that kill’

22 Sep   Sepsis

We look forward to seeing you all and putting the last 18 months behind us.

Remember, if you wish to present a topic or have a suggestion for a suitable topic then let us know and we can set the wheels in motion.

Technology and science

The technology and science group will hopefully resume bi weekly activities on Wednesday September 8th at 2 pm in Kensington House.

We have a varied subject list in hand and hopefully can put the last 18 months behind us.

If you have any ideas for subjects or would like to do a presentation yourself please contact Colin or Phil and we can get you going.

In the meantime stay safe and get ready.

Just to wet your appetite 🙂

DAC for Scotland

Killer batteries

Geothermal mining