Technology and science – WOW

Interested in the weather? I certainly was and for quite a few years wondered if a PWS (personal Weather Station) was the way to go. And then, in 2008 i took the plunge and bought my first ‘all singing’ station, a Mydel unit from China.

The supplied software was pretty basic and I happened to come across Cumulus, a fabulous coding from Steve Loft.  The rest is history.

The station lives in the back garden and feeds data to my web pages and to the Met Office WOW (weather on the web).  Click the links for more.

Maghull weather

Digital camera group

Snapfish offer 50 6*4 prints for a penny

On-line storage for FREE

Pantone ‘colour of the year’

I have been playing with some hard disc recovery software after a drive failure.  It certainly works , giving 100% recovery of photos on a 2 TB drive that failed.

If you have any if similar issues then give me a call.  Regards – Phil


‘side by side’ maps

Here is a link to a new type of mapping service from the National Library of Scotland that displays a map along side a photographic image of the relevant area. The maps and the images can be selected independently and the whole of the UK is covered

This may be of interest to various groups especially as some maps go back to 1885 and come in various ‘flavours’.  Enjoy