Technology and Science

Technology and Science group starts its new season on Wednesday Sep.11, Kensington House @ 2.30 pm.  All are welcome.  

Sep. 11    Frederick William Herschel   from                             telescopes to infra red   with Phil

Sep  25   The history of sound recording by Colin

If you have a topic to present or an idea for one please let us know or you will only get stuff that we like 🙂

Technology and Science

Last Wednesday Edna Harrison gave an excellent presentation on microbiology, with a fascinating look at the history and the folk behind the advances in the science.  She included her background, with some anecdotes to lighten the topic. Well done Edna.

May topics:

08       Lignite in the Latrobe valley
22       Rayon at British Enka, Aintree


Technology and Science

Due to unforeseen circumstances the meeting for this Wednesday 12th September has been cancelled. 

Future Dates for 2018:
Sep 26
Oct  10 24
Nov 14 28

No Meetings in December.

HELP Required.  Can you provide a Subject / Presentation for a future meeting  Assistance available if required. Please contact Phil or myself.