Technology and Science

Change to the advertised schedule

Our first meeting of the new year will be this Wednesday 10th January at 2.30 in Kensington House, Station Road when the subject will be:-
Brakes & Car Safety Systems” Colin Bennett
24th January         EMP – Electro Magnetic Pulse Protection
14th Feb.              Lithium – Chemistry, Production & Usage in Power System’s
28th Feb.              Subject to be confirmed
14th & 28th Mar    Subjects to be confirmed
11th & 25th April   Subjects to be confirmed
Help required – Can you provide a subject or a presentation please?
We urgently need topics for late Feb and March while Phil is away.

Technology and Science

Meetings 2nd and 4th Wednesdays in Kensington House, Station Road at 2.30

Forthcoming Subjects.
11th October.        Guns by Frank Wood
25th October.        Let there be light by Norman Stalford.
8th   November      The Great American Elipise by John Blundell.
22nd November      Sand Wars by Colin Bennett.
No Meetings in December

Tech and Science underground

On 28th June a group of 16 from the Technology and Science had a private tour of Georges Dock Building. Starting with the old control room dating back to 1934, whose access corridors and stairs are ’tiled and corniced’,  giving it a style not around in today’s buildings.
We then visited the ventilation towers themselves with glazed bricks and original massive vertical exhaust fans still in operation but only used intermittently now, as cars engines are much cleaner and lorries are no longer allowed. The original inlet fans have been replaced by modern horizontal units which pump air into the lower section of the tunnels length.
And finally down many stairs to the Tunnel itself, to walk along the windy service tunnel into one of the ‘refuge’ stations installed after the 1999 Mont Blanc Tunnel Fire, complete with its CCTV, toilets and communicators to the main Tunnel Police control room. Due to many of us having engineering backgrounds the tour was enhanced by the in-depth knowledge of our 2 guides Allison and Billy.