Cycling Groups

cycle_oldGROUP 1  –  DAY RIDERS

Leader: Alan Carr  01704 840762

Asst:     Phil Hughes 526 0038

Time & venue vary – typical ride 20-30 miles

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GROUP 2  –  EASY RIDERS / Breakaways

Leader:  John Ramsden  526 5031

Asst.       Brian Dickson

Mondays at 10.00 – Leisurely rides of 12 – 20 miles

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Leader:  Margaret Kendall 526 3164

Assist: Group members

Wednesdays at 10am. Start point varies. Leisurely ride up to 25 miles.

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3 thoughts on “Cycling Groups

  1. Hi myself (48) and my wife (57) would like to join the cycling side of U3A, could you tell me the best way to go about it please.

  2. Hi Geoff,
    Sorry for the delay in replying to your inquiry.
    If you or your wife can get to the Tuesday coffee morning at Maghull Baptist Church we can discuss which of the three cycling groups would suit you best, and if you are not already U3A members, you could join at the same time.
    Regards, Phil Hughes (leader of the `Day Riders`.

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