Computer Group offers help


If any members need advice about their smartphones, tablets or computers while the U3A is closed, the Computer Group members are still available. A phone number is on the website, in the Year Book and the newsletter. Once you contact us we can set up a chat either by Skype, Facetime or WhatsApp.

Calling All Day Trippers

Now that every house is probably spotlessly clean, cupboards sorted, windows sparkling, odd jobs done and after a spell of such beautiful weather, gardens are so  well trimmed and hoed, there is not a weed that would dare to show its’ face.  Maybe then it’s time to give some thought about what we want on return to our U3A. Would you like to see the Day Trip format changed and if so how? What are the places you would like to visit? What would you like to be included to do/see? Would you like more Day Trips to include a meal? Is the distance we travel a problem? Would you be interested in week end or overnight stays which would enable us to travel further and see more? What about lunch visits to Olde Worlde Pubs?  If you  now find yourself with some spare time then this is the ideal opportunity for us to have a rethink. Do a bit of computer research, share ideas and take a good look at what we do and how we do it. Perhaps many aspects of our lives will be changed, so do we want to change the way we organise Day Trips? I will be interested to hear your views/ideas. If you do have any then click on leave a reply below or ring me and have a chat.(526 4665)  I hope you are all keeping well and safe.  Take care.  Regards  Marj


Something for those long days to come.

Library Books To Your Armchair.

The above link  is a great way to help pass a few hours whilst we are all cooped up. If you’re a member of a library, download the app and log into your library account. Then you can borrow either electronic books to read on your device, or audio books to listen too. I’m currently drifting down the Ganges in a leaky boat with Eric Newby. A bit nicer than sitting in a semi in Maghull you’ll agree. Next week I intend to cross  the Kalahari with Thesiger, then walk the Appalachian trail with Bill Bryson. An escape of sorts. Maybe you can make use of it and catch up with your favourite authors.

Garden Visits – Notice

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus [COVID19] our trips to Trentham Gardens Wed. 22nd April and Wentworth Castle Gardens Wed.13th Mayl is cancelled.  If you have booked and paid in full or paid a deposit do not worry, all payments are recorded against your name and as soon as there is an opportunity you will have a refund or it can go towards a new trip when we return.    Take care, be safe and see you all soon.