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Hello Dot
Here are two events that you may interest you ?

Zoom Training Wednesday 11th Nov. from 11:15am
So many of our activities are held using Zoom at the moment.  If you would like to learn how to use Zoom please sign up for this informal session delivered by the regional team at ;

Shared Learning Friday 20th Nov. from 10:30am
The aim of this session is to showcase some projects, encourage questions and hopefully get more members actively involved in learning projects.

You can register here: https://forms.gle/iishckjkVSH36yXV6.

Best wishes -Neil Stevenson
Trustee, North West of England
Email: neil.stevenson@beacon.u3a.org.uk
Mobile: 07595 233163


Open PDFs in Windows/Chrome

Open PDFs in Windows
  1. Right-click a PDF file.
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  3. Click on Choose another app.
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  5. Check the Always use this app to open . pdf files option.
  6. Click OK.

Open PDFs in Google Chrome

  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. At the top right, click More   Settings.
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  5. Near the bottom, click PDF documents.
  6. Turn off Download PDF files instead of automatically opening them in Chrome.
Chrome will now open PDFs automatically when you click them.

Answers Oct 16th Art App quiz

1  Dante Gabriel Rosetti.
2 The Swing  Jean – Honore Fragonard.
3  Sorry if these were not to clear, seemed O.K on my screen however I had hoped you would recognise them from our visit to Vincent  van Gogh, London , no problem
4 Palette
5 Felix Slade
6 Troika Pottery
7 Byzantine / Votive
8 Jackson Pollock
9 Thomas Gainsborough
10 The Blue Boy –Thomas Gainsborough

U3A – Winter Learning Program


All initiatives are available at: https://www.u3a.org.uk/learning/national-programmes. Initiatives are intentionally released on a stagger to keep people’s interest and participation over the winter. Events which require members to book are at: https://www.u3a.org.uk/events/educational-events. The website will be updated regularly so members should be encouraged to keep checking these pages.

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answers Oct 9th

 Hi, all
I have been asked to post answers to quizzes on website for those who are not signed into the weekly group Art Appreciation Group receiving quiz questions or answers. Take care ,Stay safe Maureen
1  David Hockney
2  John Everett Millais – William Holman Hunt – Dante Gabriel Rossetti
3  Pigments mixed with water soluble binder of egg yolk
4   van Dyck ( Anthony)– Baroque
5 Lucien Freud, (I loved this painting in the Walker since childhood, Who knew?)
6 Full figured women  confirming the beauty and sensuality of the plus sized woman –      Peter Paul Rubens.   (This is the flattering term.)
7 Titian
8 Tintoretto
9 Gothic (This lovely, local  Church has been in use for worship for 850 years)
10 National Museums of Liverpool ( Sudley House.)  by  William Holman Hunt

Art quiz Oct 9th 2020

1  Who’s early painting is  this?


2  Who were the three founder members of      The Pre Raphaelite Movement in 1848?


3  What is meant by the term Tempera in art?

4  Who is this, what’s his nationality also

name his art movement?



5  Name this famous piece.




6  What is meant by the term Rubenesque and      who termed it?

7    Who painted this Venus of Urbino?                       



8   Who was known as the Last Great Italian         Renaissance Artist?

9  The church of St. Helen’s, Sefton is in which  architectural style?

10  Where locally, would you see The Finding of the Saviour in the     Temple?