Lockdown Leads to Poetry

The following poem was written by one of our members, I’m sure the sentiment will strike a chord with many of us!!

Decisions! Decisions!

Sitting here deciding and thinking what to do

It really is quite wearing makes me feel quite blue

I should clear out that cupboard throw out all the tat

But I might need it one day so that’s the end of that

Executive decisions they are running through my mind

Should I clean the paintwork or something of that kind?

It’s made me tired thinking of the jobs ahead of me

I’ll have to sit and have a rest and make a cup of tea

You’d think it would be easy to have the time you need

But all I really want to do is sit down and have a read

I feel a little guilty when friends say what they’ve done

But that guilt it soon wears off when I’m sitting in the sun

I get out all the tools to make a garden of perfection

Then it seems that I have lost all sense of my direction

I’m right back in the kitchen now how did I get here

The teapots on the table and I’ll have a cup to cheer

The nasty time is over and things have not been done

Do I regret time wasted when I didn’t even manage one?

I’ve got a lovely sun tan, have read favourite books galore

And the jobs they still awaiting just as they were before

Pat Johnson      Litherland

2020 Holidays Update

Due to the current crisis all my holidays for 2020 have been either deferred to 2021 or cancelled.  Here is an update

Derbyshire Weekend – this holiday has been moved to 26th March 2021.  As this date was not feasible for everyone i now have rooms available on this break. Click on this link to view the flyer.

Battlefields Tour – this holiday has been moved to 5th of September 2021 and amazingly has remained at almost the same cost.  Once again the new date has clashed with other events for a few people so places are now available on this break.  Click on this link to view the flyer.

If you have an interest in either or both of these breaks please contact Jane Jones on 0151 526 2530

Something for those long days to come.

Library Books To Your Armchair.


The above link  is a great way to help pass a few hours whilst we are all cooped up. If you’re a member of a library, download the app and log into your library account. Then you can borrow either electronic books to read on your device, or audio books to listen too. I’m currently drifting down the Ganges in a leaky boat with Eric Newby. A bit nicer than sitting in a semi in Maghull you’ll agree. Next week I intend to cross  the Kalahari with Thesiger, then walk the Appalachian trail with Bill Bryson. An escape of sorts. Maybe you can make use of it and catch up with your favourite authors.

Dathliadau a ‘Charades’ – Celebrations and Charades

Fel bob tro, cawsom amser gwych yn y dosbarth Cymraeg heddiw gyda chacen ffrwythau a Bucks Fizz yn doreithiog. Roeddem yn dathlu priodas Siobhan, merch Chris a Stuart, ac yn hapus iawn i godi gwydraid wrth i ni dostio ffortiwn dda’r cwpl hapus.
Doedd hyn yn golygu na wnaethom ddim gwaith yn y dosbarth! Fe wnaethom barhau i ychwanegu berfau at ein geirfa gynyddol a’u rhoi i weithio yn ein gêm o charades!
Trowyd tudalennau geiriadur ar gyflymder ac roedd yn anhygoel faint ohonom a luniodd ddehongliad gwahanol o’r gweithgaredd yn cael ei actio!

Roedd yn sesiwn dda iawn ac roeddem i gyd yn teimlo’n flin dros y rhai a gollodd allan heddiw.

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Bwyd da a cwmni gwych – Good food and excellent company

Ddydd Iau cawsom ein gwibdaith gyntaf yn 2020. Fe wnaethon ni fwynhau pryd bwyd rhagorol yn yr Hayloft yn Lydiate gyda digon o amser i sgwrsio a rhoid y byd yn ei le.
Cawsom gyfle hefyd i groeso aelod newydd i’n dosbarth. Cafodd Margaret ei geni a’i magu yn Ynys Môn ond mae hi wedi byw yn ardal Maghull ers blynyddoedd lawer yn cadw ei Chymraeg yn fyw gyda galwadau ffôn hefo ei theulu yn Sir Fôn. Mae hi bellach wedi dod o hyd i gyfle arall i ymnarfer ei Chymraeg ac wedi mwynhau’r cyfle i ddefnyddio ei mamiaith unwaith yn rhagor.
Yn 93 oed, roedd Cymraeg Margaret yn anhygoel ac rydym i gyd yn edrych ymlaen at ei gweld yn ein dosbarth nesaf.

On Thursday we had our first outing of 2020. We enjoyed an excellent meal at the Hayloft in Lydiate with plenty of time for a good old gossip.  We also had the opportunity to welcome the newest member to our class.  Margaret was born and bred in Anglesey but has lived in the Maghull area for many years keeping her Welsh alive with phone calls back home.  She has now found another home and revelled in the chance to natter away in her mother tongue once more.

At 93, Margaret’s Welsh was amazing and we all look forward to seeing her at our next class.

Local History Group

Our next few speakers are:

Tuesday 4th February – Cliff Duncan, one of our own members, will give a talk on one of the murder inquiries he was involved in.  The ‘Murder of John Moon’ will deal with the events that transpired on the 29th  August 1974.

Tuesday 3rd March – Roisin Stoddern will give a talk and slide presentation on ‘Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral’.  Having been a guide there for many years Roisin will take us on a guided tour delving into the heart of the Cathedral.

Tuesday 7th April – Mr Michael Murphy will give us a talk and slide presentation on ‘The History of Ration Books’. This fascinating topic may well bring back memories for some of us!

History for Fun

Last year has flown by so fast it’s hard to believe, that as group, we are approaching our first anniversary.  During a packed year, we have enjoyed some really interesting topics, many of which originated from members within our own group.  We certainly plan on keeping up the good work as we begin another year of delving into history’s great tales.

Our first talk for this year (17th Jan) will be about  Queen Mary (the wife of George V); we’ve all seen pictures of this very stately lady with her pearl choker but to find out about the lady herself join us at our  regular venue – Kensington House on the third Friday of each month at 14:30

Our future programme will include talks on George Washington, Joan of Arc and the Brothers of Shugborough.    All are welcome.

Glass workshop

The Stained Glass Workshop will be holding  a ‘Practical Introduction to Working in Leaded Stained Glass’ starting 14th February at Lydiate Village Centre.  There will be 5 weekly sessions covering Design, Glass cutting, Lead work and finishing off.   By the end of the course each participant will have made a small piece of stained glass.  The cost of the course, including all materials, is £15. Places are limited so for further information or to book a place please talk to someone at the Glass Workshop Desk on a Tuesday or call in at one of our usual sessions on Friday afternoons.  The course will run alongside the usual workshops and some workshop members will be participating in the course instead of working on their own projects. So that we can make sure we have sufficient materials etc. we will set 3rd Feb as the last day for bookings and anyone wanting to book after that would go on to a reserve list. (Maybe come along as an observer!)