Play Reading & Drama

Leader: Elsie Bickerstaff  526 6511

Venue: 613  Green Lane, Maghull

Time:    2 pm second Tuesday monthly

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4 thoughts on “Play Reading & Drama

  1. Peter lloyd here , Co -Ordinator of Aughton and Ormskirk Musical Theatre Group , We are a bit short of members due to various reasons, and would like to know if any of your group would like to have a go in any of our future productions and possibly in our current Musical Comedy, a typical Brain Rix style farce, now in rehearsals. We meet at the Civic Hall , Ormskirk(currently going a massive refurb) on a Tuesday afternoon between 13.00 to 16.00hrs. It’s called “Act Your Age” and it’s fun and a more than friendly cast would give a massive welcome anyone who want’s to “Have a go”. with a bit of singing, and possibly a little acting in a future production.
    I am a neighbour of Bill Howarth and my phone numbers are:- 01695 575803 / 0780106335…. Further information can be seen on the group website :- Aughton and Ormskirk U3a, Have a look see.
    Ps: “Act Your Age ” is on 10/12th November at the Civic.

    Look forward to hearing from you by e.mail, phone or text

    • Hi Patty
      My name is ELSIE Bickerstaff and I run the Play Reading
      And Drama Group. I found your email whilst trawling the website. I am sorry no-one seemed to get back to you then. If you are still interested I am restarting the group after Covid next Tuesday 05 October at 2pm. My address is 613 Green Lane. You can email me at Look forward to seeing you?

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