Table games

We are running right thru the summer so if you fancy a game of Scrabble or Bridge on Monday from 10am please come along to Kensington House.

We currently have places available for both games so give us a try or bring along a different game to play.

Newcomers welcome.


Table games

The latest Covid restrictions make it it seem unlikely that the Table Games groups activities will resume before the New Year. It really could be a miserable last 3 months of 2020.

With this in mind we have decided to offer an ‘on-line’ Bridge session. This would be organised using BBO at a time to suit folk.  BBO is ‘free’ to sign up and our games would be members only.

If you are interested then please contact Cath or Phil.


Table games group

Just played my second tournament on Bridge Base Online. Was partnered with a ‘beginner’ called David. It turned out to be quite a good afternoon with an excellent result. I am not a great player, so matched with a beginner,  we should have struggled. But in fact we came 10th from 40 tables overall, then i found my partner was 12 🙂

So, if you fancy some Bridge why not log in to BBO?  Its FREE and easy to work. You can play singly, 24 hours a day, arrange tables for friends to meet and stay as long as you like.

If you need help or a game call me.  Stay safe – Phil