Digital cameras – B+W

Hi everyone. We got some great photos for the ’Black & White’ subject.
Thanks to everyone that came along to the meeting on Monday.

It was a challenge finding what we considered the best.
Members entered some creative images, computer generated pencil drawings effect and a picture using an infrared camera. See if you can spot them.

Have a great summer. See you in the Autumn – we resume 2nd Sep. –Terry

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Tech and science – June

Our next presentations will be:

June 12th – Let there be light
Light in medical diagnostics

June 26th – 3 industrial disasters
Abbeystead, Bhopal and Flixborough

We will then break for the summer and return on September 11th

If you have a topic for us to present, or better still, to do yourself then please let us know.  We are currently looking at chocolate, more industrial disasters, more Liverpool ‘firsts’ and some chemistry.

Have a great summer recess –  Colin and Phil

T&S lights up the skies

How opportune was the talk last week on ‘sunspot maxima’?  The presentation was designed to be topical and we were brought up to date on the history and science of sunspots, solar flares and coronal mass ejections only to experience a massive CME over the following days ending with spectacular auroral display on Friday and Saturday nights if you were in the right place !

Click here for some amazing images.

2025 is guestimated to be the next ‘sunspot maxima’ year in the current cycle. If you are interested then you might sign up for AuroraWatch at Lancaster University.

If you are interested in all things Technology and Science then please come along to our next meeting on Wednesday 22 May where we uncover Derby Park.

If you would like to read the ‘solar maximum’ for a copy presentation then please ask via the ‘comments’ section of the T&S web page.

Philosphy – Free will !


Our topic this month is Free Will. I think this will involve some good debate.

Do we have free will?  How far does Society, Culture etc restrict our free will and much more

Everybody is welcome to come and enjoy. No Philosophy knowledge needed, just listen and join in if you wish or not.

Kensington House Station Road 2.30 pm. Contact  Tony Snape 07753 423075.