German Group – spaces available

As a group, we are steadily improving our grasp of German and gaining in confidence.  At present we are starting each session with an instalment of Deutsch Extra. This is ongoing stories of two girls who share a flat in Berlin and who have a male neighbour/friend and a male guest visiting from America (who just happens to be a millionaire – but the girls don’t know! Surely only TV can invent such a scenario). The serial is very entertaining because there are minor disasters in each new episode. The unravelling story is providing us with a great incentive to be able to understand every word.

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We meet for two hours every week on a Thursday morning. We are a group of people with some knowledge of German and a wish to improve it. We have people in our group who have studied no German since school, people who have stayed in Germany for a period, but a long time ago and people who only recently started a self study internet course. We are not for raw beginners but our skills range from a good basic understanding up to a good intermediate level. We use a lot of internet material and try to improve our German through studying stories for beginners, watching video clips and reading ad hoc articles from various sources. Newcomers are welcome. Peter Duffy

German group

This is a fairly new group which welcomes new members. Led by Peter Duffy, they meet at St Georges Social Club on Thursdays at 10.00 am. Contact Peter if you would like to learn or brush up on this language. Ed.