5000+ miles in 3 months

At the end of July members of the Sunday Strollers decided to start a new group to encourage members who had been shielding to get out and walk.  So the Walk a Mile Group was formed.

Our first walk at the beginning of August was just over 1.5miles along the canal.  Very quickly we had 30+ people wishing to join the group.  We walked every Sunday in groups of 6 and increased the length of our walks, so the name of the group was changed to Walk a Mile or Two or WAMOT. (Phil’s idea thanks Phil).

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WAMOT- 30 walkers

Today we had thirty walkers join the Walk A Mile or Two walk.  The group was started to help  members get back into walking.  However, regular walkers have joined the group for the social aspect of being able to have a good natter whilst enjoying a short walk.  Faced with such a large group and walkers of different abilities we decided to walk along the canal towards the swing bridge at the Bootle Arms and back in small groups.  The more experienced walkers taking the lead.  A special mention has to go to Shelia and Keith , it was their first walk and they managed 2 miles.  Positive feedback was received  and members enjoyed being able to walk at their own pace.  We have made a good start to our challenge of walking 1000 miles in September.  The group have walked over 261 miles this week.  If we keep this pace up we will reach our target of 1000 miles .

We will walk along the canal again next week in the other direction taking the same approach as we did this week whereby the more experienced walkers will be able to stride out and support will be given to the members that want to go at a slower pace.

In October we are hoping to be able to offer walks of different lengths around Lydiate.

Law For Fun Zoom Presentation

The Law for Fun Group broke new ground on 4th June when 23 members joined in the first online presentation from John Dilworth. The topic for the meeting was ‘Unused Material’ relating to criminal prosecutions, and the role that this has played in several high profile ‘miscarriage of justice’ cases that have been heard in the higher courts. John was able to give us an insight into the measures that are in place to prevent wrongful prosecutions and, as a result, the high volume of work that this places on the Crown Prosecution Service. The detail that he was able to provide us with cast a whole new light on the reasons why criminal proceedings can otherwise be thought of by the public as taking far too long to come to a conclusion. John went on to test the attention span of his audience by presenting various scenarios and inviting members to give their verdict as to what, in each case, should be the correct verdict on whether or not a prosecution could reasonably be justified.

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Why do people join our U3A?

The motivation to join could be related to changing circumstances, encouragement from friends or family, the desire to explore or extend existing or new interests, or the wish to offer something meaningful in retirement.

The wish to offer something meaningful in retirement

If you are looking for an opportunity to continue using skills you have from a previous working life or you have a hobby you would like to share with others, come and discuss how we can progress your idea/s with the Group Leaders Support Team on a Tuesday morning.

In the report Living Life, Extending Horizons, Challenging Conventions  published by U3A in July 2018  the “springboard effect” is referred to. The report looks at the value of building confidence in people by offering them the opportunity to take responsibility.  At the moment our walking groups have become very popular and as we move into the Spring, the interest will almost certainly increase.  We are urgently looking for people to lead duplicate groups which could mirror existing walking groups.  We have all the details of walks we just need people to lead them. Can you help?

The Congleton and District U3A have just started a laughter exercise group.  Sue Ward their Chair states “lots of our groups clearly have some fun and laughter, but I thought there might be scope to bring extra laughter into our lives.  The more I investigated laughter exercises (often referred to as laughter yoga) the more I thought we should have a go”.  They now run successful fortnightly 30 minute sessions.  Do you fancy running a laughter group for our U3A?  It have been proven that laughter helps reduce stress. There are resources available to help get a group going


Sunday Strollers – Had to Adapt

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Due to weather conditions the Sunday Strollers walk had to be re-arranged, then the walk had to be changed.

We decided to walk from Moreton to New Brighton as underfoot would be good.  Just as we started the walk the sun came out, however the wind on the front was very strong but thankfully it was behind us which helped us complete the 6 mile walk in 2 hours.

David helped to make the walk interesting by sharing information on the local area and we finished off enjoying lunch at the local Wetherspoons.  We are going to Sefton Park next month to see the Field of Hope.  Fingers crossed the weather is good.

Due to the popularity of this group we are unable to take any more members.  However, if anyone would like to start another Sunday Strollers Group we would be able to provide you with walks to do.  Come to the Group Leaders Support desk on a Tuesday morning.

New Group – Rummikubs

Would you like to keep your brain challenged? Playing Rummikubs has helped  Eileen  Pritchard keep mentally active.  With brilliant simplicity, Rummikubs provides hours of amusement, each game as different as the combinations of moves you choose to play. Outwit your opponents with cool strategy and sharp moves.
A session would probably last about 2 hours which would include time for a drink and natter.  At the moment a Monday and Wednesday would be the best days for Eileen .  If you are interested  please contact Eileen on 0151 526 1001.

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Sunday Strollers – 5 mile walk

28 members joined the Sunday Stroll today.  We now have 34 members and have had to close the group as it has become so big. We are looking to start another group so if you fancy leading it please come to the Group Leaders Support desk on a Tuesday morning. We would be able to provide walks that you could do.

The group have been going 4 years and started with just three members.  We are off to Chester next month and Sefton Park in March.

Walking Netball

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Our Walking Netball group continues to grow.  Two more of our members are going on a Netball England Hosting Course at the end of January.  Most weeks we have enough members to make two full teams. If you fancy joining us come and see Margaret Ashton at the Group Support desk on a Tuesday morning.

It is a really fun way to keep fit and although most of our members have played before we do have members who have never played netball.  We play on a Friday morning at West Lancs College.  We do share lifts so we may be able to sort a lift out for you if needed.

One of our members has just completed a Photography Course at West Lancs College and took these photos for us.  Thanks Evelyn

Dance Fit Resumes 6th and 13th January

Today was the last Dance Fit session until Monday 6th and Friday 13th January.  Unfortunately, last Fridays session was cancelled due to Collette not being well.   There are still some places in the Friday class which is at 2.30 at the Meadows Leisure Centre.  The Monday class is full. These are very popular classes.  If you require more information ring Brenda McKenzie on 07900525222 or come to the Group Leaders Support desk on a Tuesday morning.