WAMOT- 30 walkers

Today we had thirty walkers join the Walk A Mile or Two walk.  The group was started to help  members get back into walking.  However, regular walkers have joined the group for the social aspect of being able to have a good natter whilst enjoying a short walk.  Faced with such a large group and walkers of different abilities we decided to walk along the canal towards the swing bridge at the Bootle Arms and back in small groups.  The more experienced walkers taking the lead.  A special mention has to go to Shelia and Keith , it was their first walk and they managed 2 miles.  Positive feedback was received  and members enjoyed being able to walk at their own pace.  We have made a good start to our challenge of walking 1000 miles in September.  The group have walked over 261 miles this week.  If we keep this pace up we will reach our target of 1000 miles .

We will walk along the canal again next week in the other direction taking the same approach as we did this week whereby the more experienced walkers will be able to stride out and support will be given to the members that want to go at a slower pace.

In October we are hoping to be able to offer walks of different lengths around Lydiate.

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