French Language Group

We would love to welcome a few more members to our Monday French language group which meets at 2.00 p.m. at St. George’s Social Centre.   Originally we had required potential members to have obtained a French A level in the past but we no longer insist on that.   Anyone who had a good “O” level standard (GCSE today) and who is willing to participate in explaining their recent activities would be welcome and would feel at home.  They would also need to be interested in contemporary issues to debate in French.   Recent examples of that include the shortage of butter in France last autumn, the status of  nurses and a comparison of their role with their opposite numbers here in Britain, the role of wind farms.   One of our members Peter Duffy presents fascinating news item from the French- speaking world on the computer screen with accompanying texts and exercises for fun.   Informal atmosphere each week. -David Ward

French language – Interested?

Would you like to brush up your French?  Do you like to go to France for holidays and would you like to communicate with French people more effectively?

On  Monday and Wednesday afternoons in a relaxed atmosphere we use a  mixture of realistic dialogues and manipulation of up-to-date passages.   That way group members can re-organise the French they’ve already learned so as to express new ideas they hadn’t thought of before.  The Monday group also have access to narratives from the world of French speakers seen on the TV computer screen.

You’ll soon be able to explain to friends in the group what activities you’ve enjoyed recently and do that in authentic French.   That’s always a source of fun.

So, if all that appeals, come and see me in the Tuesday coffee morning or phone me on  526-5071.   “A bientot!”

French Group Exhibition

Many, many thanks to everyone who contributed so colourfully to our “French Group of the Week” exhibition on May 8,  A wonderful way to celebrate VE day, a date that was totally ignored on our side of the Channel.   So many wonderful photos, cards, maps, brochures and pictures of famous French personalities.   Having some people in our group who actually own property in France is now a great advantage.  They bring us so much new local material.   I haven’t even mentioned the delicious nibbles!   So thank you all once again……..readers who are not yet members of any of our French groups, you may have noticed there was not a single sign displayed that said “Danger!” or “Non aux Anglais!”   Variety is the spice of Gallic  life.    As it is in the whole of our U3A.  So I can’t really say “Vive la différence!”

David S. Ward