French Group Exhibition

Many, many thanks to everyone who contributed so colourfully to our “French Group of the Week” exhibition on May 8,  A wonderful way to celebrate VE day, a date that was totally ignored on our side of the Channel.   So many wonderful photos, cards, maps, brochures and pictures of famous French personalities.   Having some people in our group who actually own property in France is now a great advantage.  They bring us so much new local material.   I haven’t even mentioned the delicious nibbles!   So thank you all once again……..readers who are not yet members of any of our French groups, you may have noticed there was not a single sign displayed that said “Danger!” or “Non aux Anglais!”   Variety is the spice of Gallic  life.    As it is in the whole of our U3A.  So I can’t really say “Vive la différence!”

David S. Ward

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