French Language Group

We would love to welcome a few more members to our Monday French language group which meets at 2.00 p.m. at St. George’s Social Centre.   Originally we had required potential members to have obtained a French A level in the past but we no longer insist on that.   Anyone who had a good “O” level standard (GCSE today) and who is willing to participate in explaining their recent activities would be welcome and would feel at home.  They would also need to be interested in contemporary issues to debate in French.   Recent examples of that include the shortage of butter in France last autumn, the status of  nurses and a comparison of their role with their opposite numbers here in Britain, the role of wind farms.   One of our members Peter Duffy presents fascinating news item from the French- speaking world on the computer screen with accompanying texts and exercises for fun.   Informal atmosphere each week. -David Ward

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