Day Trips

Hello – well it was lovely to return  on Tuesday morning and  how nice it was to meet up again and chat with so many of you.  I will be organising a trip in November to Briars Hall, Lathom for an afternoon with a Christmas feel. I have booked a 3 course meal followed by tea/coffee, an afternoon of entertainment with something included that should appeal to us all.  So what better than to join us with a nice local venue, good food, and a relaxing afternoon in good company. It seems such a long time since we did just that.

WHEN?  Tuesday 23rd November 2021. Depart  ll.15am Return 4.30pm approx.(from and back to The Square) Price: £25 inc.meal/entertainment/transport. Payment in full would be appreciated (in view of the Treasurer situation) but failing that a £10 deposit. Seats will be on sale at our table on     Tues. 2lst  September 2021



Day Trips

  Well here we are 16th August 2021 and it’s looking like Freedom Day.  The good news is hopefully u3a Tuesday mornings will resume on the 7th September.  We hope to see you all there.  Full details of any trips organised will be advertised on  the web site, in the newsletter and at our table on Tuesday mornings.  Well, fingers crossed, we may be about to have some normality. Let’s all hope so. Cheers Marj

Day Trips

Hello Everyone.Hope you are keeping well, been double vaccinated and rearing to go. Well do you think we might be, could be, is it possible to be getting back to some  normality after all this time? There is no mention of Coffee Mornings recommencing just yet, although I think u3a holds them at Costa instead.  You meet so many of us in there! Until the coffee mornings return it is difficult to forecast when  day trips will recommence as they are our main point of sale. However, I have been in touch with our coach company Holmeswood and they are returning hopefully to normal working after the 19th July. We will just have to be patient a little longer to see what the news is from the Committee. In the meantime, stay safe, keep well and we should be able to meet soon.

Hello and how are you all?

What a long time it seems since we met for our happy, chatty Coffee Mornings, wonderful day trips, holidays and all our special interest group meetings. 

I sincerely hope you are all well but if you know someone who is not, for whatever reason,  please give me a call. I am sure they would be happy to receive a card on behalf of our U3A Committee and Members

With all good wishes  – Lill Boyle, U3a Welfare Officer  Tel.526 4303


Day Trips Update

Just before the lockdown commenced in March, three Day Trips had been booked for March, April and May.  Deposits, and in some cases the full amount, had been paid in. amounting to just under £3,000.  As there is no sign of us being able to return anytime soon I have arranged for these amounts to be returned to you.   By now you should all have received your refund but if you haven’t don’t worry it’s on its way. There were 92 cheques to be returned.  This brings me to saying a very big thank you to Stuart, our Treasurer, who had the unenviable task of writing them all out..By making the refund we will have a clean slate when we return.  Thank you to all who continue to show an interest in our trips and hopefully, you will continue to do so in the future. In the meantime, stay well, keep safe and let’s hope we will be back together  soon.  Kindest Regards  Marj


Turkey and Tinsel Update

The situation at the moment is still very fluid and filled with uncertainty with regard to group holiday breaks. Although a lot of Hotels are now open there are restrictions in place eg.  No buffet breakfasts, staggered meal times, no entertainment and safe distancing at all times.  There is the added complication of coach travel which has not been resolved yet.  We have had no opportunity to sell the remaining rooms because of the enforced shutdown and no sign at present of such an opportunity.  Final payment date looms in September. I have been in discussion with Airedale Tours and, with the above mentioned drawbacks in mind, have regretfully come to the decision that this break will not go ahead.  Your deposits are safe and have not been processed and these will be returned to you asap.  This is a big disappointment as this will be the first such break we have missed in 12 years.   Maybe things will be much improved in the Spring and we can look at booking an attractive break in 2021. Let’s sincerely hope so.  Many thanks and sincere apologies to members who have already booked on this trip.  In the meantime keep well, keep safe and enjoy the restrictions that have already been lifted.  Best Wishes Marj

Good wishes to Day Trips

I have received a thoughtful text from George, our driver with Holmeswood Coaches.   He wishes to send his regards to you all and hopes we are all keeping well during this very stressful time.  He also looks forward to seeing us all again in the near future – and so say all of us!!   I have replied thanking him, on all our behalf,  for this kind thoughts.   I hope everyone is keeping well and enjoying this lovely weather, although not that horrendous wind over the week end.  Stay safe, hope we can be together again soon.  Regards  Marj x

Calling All Day Trippers

Now that every house is probably spotlessly clean, cupboards sorted, windows sparkling, odd jobs done and after a spell of such beautiful weather, gardens are so  well trimmed and hoed, there is not a weed that would dare to show its’ face.  Maybe then it’s time to give some thought about what we want on return to our U3A. Would you like to see the Day Trip format changed and if so how? What are the places you would like to visit? What would you like to be included to do/see? Would you like more Day Trips to include a meal? Is the distance we travel a problem? Would you be interested in week end or overnight stays which would enable us to travel further and see more? What about lunch visits to Olde Worlde Pubs?  If you  now find yourself with some spare time then this is the ideal opportunity for us to have a rethink. Do a bit of computer research, share ideas and take a good look at what we do and how we do it. Perhaps many aspects of our lives will be changed, so do we want to change the way we organise Day Trips? I will be interested to hear your views/ideas. If you do have any then click on leave a reply below or ring me and have a chat.(526 4665)  I hope you are all keeping well and safe.  Take care.  Regards  Marj


Day Trips Information

Hi – in line with Government recommendations and our own U3A directive, coffee mornings and activities will cease with immediate effect.  This will affect 3 planned Day Trips – Wed.25th March – Wed.8th April – Thurs.21st May.  Well over £2,000 has already been paid in for these trips.  However, if you are booked on please do not worry about refunds.  All payments are recorded against your name and as soon as there is an opportunity you will receive a refund or you can put it towards  a new trip on return. Take care, keep well, see you soon!!  Regards   Marj

 NB Turkey n Tinsel 23.11.20 – 27.ll.20 – Because we are no longer able to sell rooms for the T n T at Coffee Morning, I have been in touch with Airedale for an extension for when the deposits have to be paid in.  It will be on a flexible basis and constantly reviewed.  Therefore, those who have already paid their deposit, do not expect your cheque to be drawn any time soon.

Tursel and Tinkey

IBooking has now opened for our late break –  23.ll.20 to 27.ll.20,  5 days/4 nights D/B/B at the family owned Osborne Hotel in Ilfracombe in the lovely county of North Devon – please click on Day Trips on the right hand side of the page where you will find full details.