Scams again

The ‘near do wells’ are at it again.

Watch out for ‘nhs’ invites for a Covid vaccination where you are offered the jab but ‘need’ to fill in your bank details to confirm its you.  Its a scam !

Read here for more.

Fake news warning.  If you get an email or text about something untoward just Google the content on the Snopes website BEFORE you forward it. fake news is dangerous!

If in doubt DON’T ! Contact the computer group folk for assistance.

Message from the chair

Hello all

I hope that however you are spending the Christmas break it is a peaceful and happy time for you and yours.

Now as we approach 2021 many things U3A wise remain uncertain, but I am sure like me you are hopeful that the Covid vaccine will be the game changer in ultimately enabling us all to get on with our lives in a more normal way. As part of that, whilst we currently do not have anything whatsoever indicating a possible timescale for reopening a full range of U3A activities, I am hopeful it will be possible in time and we ‘just’ need to be patient, difficult though I know that is.

In the meantime I miss you all and wish every one of you a happy and peaceful New Year. All my very best wishes to every one of you – I hope that 2021 is good to and for you

Stay safe and take care all.

Dot B.