Art Quiz September 4th 2020

Laurence Holfencenr.jpgLaurence Holofcener’s sculptures of whom?
2   What are Easter Island Sculptured Heads called by the Rapa Nui people?
gustav-klimt-background.jpg3    Which artist painted this background<
  •  Egon Schiele
  •  Alfred Kubin
  •  Gustav Klimt
  •  Friedensreich Hundertwasser
        4        What Dynasty is this vase from?chriedu-2 vase.jpg
5           What is the name of the cross dressing British artist?
lotus-ganesha-sue-halstenberg.jpg6     This God Ganesha is from which culture?
7      Who always left his mark in form of a wooden mouse? and what was his nickname?
8      Who created The Thinker in stone?
9     Which artist won the 2007 Turner Prize with State Britain?
 10    Who was the architect for Liverpool Catholic Cathedral?

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