Stone age Sefton talk

We have had an offer of a free talk !  Any one interested please ?
I would be happy to book them for the Tech and Science group but could add others

I am reaching out to local groups in the area to offer introductory talks about the heritage project the Lancashire Wildlife Trust have at Lunt Meadows Nature Reserve in Sefton. We are currently running a heritage project about the site called the Mesolithic and Modern Life project, engaging visitors and local communities with the fascinating wildlife, stone age archaeology and water management techniques that we have on our nature reserve.

When our nature reserve was being created, archaeologists from the Museum of Liverpool discovered the remains of 9000 year old settlements from the middle stone age and they have been excavating an area of the site ever since.
I found on your website that you have a local history section and I wondered if your members would be interested in a talk on the Mesolithic period and what life was like for the people living in Lunt then? This could be in person or online, and we can follow this up with a gudied walk of the nature reserve on a future date, with a look at the archaeolgical dig site. I can also bring replica artefacts from the stone age period for people to have a look at and hold.
As we are funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, this would all be free but any donations are of course always welcome.




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