Easy walkers – 2020 Program

Date          Walk Location
6th Feb      Sandhills Station to Britannia Pub
5th Mar      Crosby
2nd Apr      Hop Vine Burscough
7th May    Bull and Dog Burscough
4th Jun      Mystery Walk
2nd Jul      Westhead to Lathom
6th Aug     West Kirby
3rd Sep    Town Green
1st Oct      Eastham Wirral
5th Nov     Wirral Way
3rd Dec     Local walk

2 thoughts on “Easy walkers – 2020 Program

  1. I would like to join the easy walking group. I am a member of the U3A and my membership is 2353. Could you please send me information on the walk for 6th February 2020, eg How many hours it will take ?

    Kevin Hermanson

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