Pedal Pushers on the Wirral again!

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Taking advantage of the good weather, and the slightly less packed trains before the schools break up, the Pedal Pushers had another Wirral ride today. Catching the train to Brunswick we cycled back to the pier head to catch the ferry to Seacombe. Once here we had a great ride along clear cycleways as far as New Brighton. Some of the group turned back here, and cycled back to the ferry, via Wetherspoons where they had lunch  ( which we only found out later) whilst the other 3 of us decided to continue as far as West Kirby. For some reason the cycleways on the Wirral are not as clearly marked as in Sefton, and we got rather lost, but at least we weren’t as unfortunate as the car that had driven onto the beach and got well and truly stuck! Hopefully the Coastguard got to it before the tide came in.
Using good old Google maps, first to find out where we were! Then to find out how to get to where we wanted to be , we eventually picked up the correct cycleways again. After a quick pit stop for a drink and snack ( no leisurely lunch for us!) we continued onwards to West Kirby only to be foiled once again by ending up at Red Rocks beach, which necessitated another diversion before we got back to the train. The final hurdle was the ridiculously small lift at Central station which seemed to be transporting everyone down then up, before we caught the train back to our home stations. Group 1 completed around 15 miles, with the second group completing around 21 miles. So a good days exercise for both groups…though we felt more righteous not having had lunch!!

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