Liver Buildings and BME 9th May 2019

At the Liver Buildings the tours are every 15 minutes and each tour can take 14 members. We propose (at this stage) 3 tours at 10.15am ,10.30am and 10.45am.

After the Liver Building tour we will visit the British Music Experience which is housed in the Cunard Building There is an exhibition of music, instruments and lots of other music orientated items etc from the 40’s to present day.

Lunch at BME extra cost £7 , (£5 saving negotiated) , therefore £2 required from members , choice of 7 sandwiches , side salad , drink and muffin , members require to make choice. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE SANDWICH SUPPLIER WILL ONLY PROVIDE “SOURDOUGH BREAD” PLEASE CONTACT GEORGE OR JOHN IF THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.

George Birchall has split the members in to 3 groups for the Liver tour , PLEASE SEE GEORGE RE. WHICH GROUP YOU ARE IN.

The cost for both visits is £30.00 per member (£32 if lunch is taken) .

Due to cancellations there are 2 places available


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