3 thoughts on “Cycling – Day riders

  1. Thanks Phil for all your efforts as our leader, made to feel very welcome when I joined over 3 years ago, taken me to places Iv’e never been before, helped to get me fit
    made some good friendships, and camaraderie, good fun.
    Keep going ,one day I will be able to keep up with you , your racing bikes always beat my hybrids ! Once again sincere thanks from Peter L

  2. Thanks Phil,
    You have done a sterling job of leading the rides for all this time. You are a very good cyclist and your energy is amazing. I know you will continue cycling with the group for now but at last you can take a back seat and enjoy the scenery.

    Congratulations Alan on taking over from Phil. A hard act to follow, but I know you will do the job well. (Next time they ask for volunteers remember it is one quick step back).

    Good Luck,

    Ian Gent

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