Crosby Beach Walk

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This was our first walk since February’s Cheshire Ring walk. Lockdown and car sharing issues have halted our canal walks. As COVID restrictions seemed to be easing, a local walk had been planned to re-unite us. Then as the rules changed again, we thought we might have to abort it. As we’d be in small socially distanced groups with no impact on other walkers, it was decided we could safely go ahead. There were twelve of us, split into three groups of four. We met at the car park in Mariners Road near Crosby Baths, read and signed the Risk Assessment before making our way on to the beach. We headed South along the beach towards the Seaforth Radar Tower (Anne having made sure it was low tide). Although we were walking into a brisk breeze, we were wrapped up and the sun was shining. We soon came to a slipway at the end of the beach and walked up to the promenade. We turned back on ourselves and walked with the Marine Lake to our right. Turning inland, we passed between the Marine Lake and the Boating Lake and follwed the edge of the Marine Lake to the Lakeside Adventure Centre. Passing the Centre we walked towards some warehouses, one with a mural of Liverpool painted on the side.The path then took us between the warehouses and the lake up a slight rise back to the prom. We went along the prom a short way and then went back down to the beach. With the wind now behind us, we walked northwards among the Iron Men with the Mersey freight traffic to our left and the wind farm out in the bay. We passed the Baths and carried on along the beach towards the Coastguard Station. Here we left the beach up a slipway to the prom and stopped for a snack and drink. Refreshed, we set off back towards the Baths on the wide grass bank between the prom and Burbo Bank Road. A large, ominous black cloud loomed behind the Seaforth Container Terminal cranes and was heading in our direction. The houses on Burbo Bank Road (and later The Serpentine) had great views out to Liverpool Bay and some had made the most of them with impressive balconies. Thankfully, we arrived back at the car park before the cloud reached us. It was lovely to meet and have a catch up with old friends (at a safe distance), and a good bracing walk. Thanks to Anne for organising (and re-organising).







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