Aptd. Committee Member

Groups with trips away should make a post containing the appointed committee member holding the trip attendee list then add a link to the top of the list here.

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Netherlands Holiday 24th – 29th June 2018

London Mini Break 24th – 25th March 2018

Gardening Trip – North Wales  Wed.4th October 2017 – Marj Atlay Tel.07799344060

Margaret Kendall is holding list for canal walk 28th September

Day Trips  27th Sept 2017 – Saddleworth   Clive Walker Tel.No.526 5755

Gardening Trip Wed.13th September 2017 – Marj Atlay 07799344060

Bletchley Park Holiday 14.09.17 – 18.09.17

Canal 24/08/17

Skipton 18/08/17

Lancaster prison 10/08/17

Kiplin Hall 03/08/17

Irish trip 17/07/17