Book Club

Leader: David Kearney Telephone: 526 6001

Venue: Members homes. Please phone for details of the current books we are reading and dates of meetings- all are welcome. More information is contained in the Book Club News section of the website.

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3 thoughts on “Book Club

  1. Hi david,
    I am the store manager of the costa coffee based in maghull. Just a question if you had considered using our space for meet ups?
    If you would be interested in holding an event please feel free to contact myself.
    Louise coleman
    Store Manager

    • Thanks for that Louise.
      I have approved your comment so it should now appear on the Book Club pages
      Regards – Phil Davidson ( web site coordinator)

    • Currently neeting in Members homes each month which works well with no cost. Will bear in mind for future one off events like inviting an author to speak when the meeting would be opened to more then the current membership of 15 which is maximum which would fit in current venue. Thanks for the offer.
      David K

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