Relaxation Class 6 week course

Active Sefton are looking to start a 6 week free relaxation course  starting Thursday August 2nd to 6 September.  To start this course we need 10 people who are aged 65 and over, male or female, and who have not attended either of the Zumba classes run by Active Sefton with Maghull and Lydiate U3A.  Once we have met this criteria we can then take names from ladies who attend or have attended either of the Zumba classes.  The classes will be held at St Andrews Parish Hall which is on the corner of Damfield Lane and Deyes Lane.

If you are interested please come to the Group Support Desk on a Tuesday morning or ring or text Brenda McKenzie on 07900525222


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After the success of our Zumba 1 class on Monday morning, Zumba 2 started three weeks ago on a Friday afternoon.  The feedback from both classes has been very positive.  One of ladies shared “its just want we needed” another “love it, love it, love it”.  The music used is proving very popular.   We are very grateful to Active Sefton for providing 6 free sessions for our members and as with Zumba 1, Zumba 2 will continue on a pay as you go system when the free sessions have finished.  There are now enough people on the waiting list for the Friday afternoon for another class and Active Sefton are prepared to offer the ladies on the list a free course, the only problem we have now is trying to find a slot.  So watch this space in the future for Zumba 3.  We would all like to thank Collette our fabulous teacher.

New Zumba Class starts 19th January

The first Zumba class that started before Christmas has proved to  be very successful and will continue to meet on a Monday at 9 am.  This class is nowzumba-300x112_1-300x199 full but a second class is due to start on 19th January – 2.30 at Maghull Town Hall.  If you are interested come to the Group Support desk on a Tuesday morning to register onto the 6 week free course.  This class is also proving popular so hurry if you want to be involved. If you are unable to come on a Tuesday morning  ring 0151 531 0207 and speak to Brenda McKenzie



photoWe are half through the six week free sessions Active Sefton are providing for us. Everyone agrees Colette our instructor is a star.   Below is just some of the feedback received from group members.

“I really enjoyed this mornings session. It’s just what I need. Colette was very good. You could go at your own pace and I loved the music”. 

“Loved, loved, loved the music.  Felt motivated after session .  I had more energy.”  

“Thoroughly enjoyed this mornings class. Collette was really good. Thanks for arranging”


Low Impact Zumba Class

free-zumba-class-in-north-houston-join-the-wave-lets-zumbaWe have had a lot of interest in this class.  There is a limit of 20 people for each class.  Active Sefton are prepared to run two classes to accommodate everyone interested.  They are also willing to tailor the classes so we will have one class for the more active people and one class for people who want to take it a bit slower.  The first class will start 30th October at the Meadows Sports Hall at 9am to 9.45am for 6 weeks   This will be the higher impact of the two classes.  The lower impact class time as yet to be finalised, so watch this space for more details.  If you have shown interest in this class please confirm if you will be attending the class starting 30th October by coming to the Group Support desk on Tuesday or sending confirmation by email to     The classes will be free.