Outdoor activities to resume

With the easing of certain restrictions regarding outdoor activities and people meeting outdoors some of our groups are keen to get going and meet up with other members.
Whilst many of our members have been out and about, either solo or in pairs, on an informal basis as friends, the coming months will give us the opportunity to resume official u3a outdoor activities as near as possible to normal as the current pandemic permits.
From March 29th people will be permitted to engage in recreation and outdoor activity provided the Rule of 6 is observed.  Our Golf and Bowls Groups will meet up at this time as will the Day Riders and In-betweeners Cycling Groups together with Nordic Walking ( Rule of 6 ).
Other Outdoor Activity groups such as The Breakaway Cyclists, Sunday Strollers and Walk a Mile or Two will officially resume in April.

5000+ miles in 3 months

At the end of July members of the Sunday Strollers decided to start a new group to encourage members who had been shielding to get out and walk.  So the Walk a Mile Group was formed.

Our first walk at the beginning of August was just over 1.5miles along the canal.  Very quickly we had 30+ people wishing to join the group.  We walked every Sunday in groups of 6 and increased the length of our walks, so the name of the group was changed to Walk a Mile or Two or WAMOT. (Phil’s idea thanks Phil).

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WAMOT – walk a mile or two

What can we say? 

After setting a ‘group’ walking target of 1000 miles in September it was decided to have another go in October.  Both targets achieved with miles to spare.  So then a new target of 5000 miles for the quarter (Sep-Nov) was set and, guess what, we hit 5111 miles.

It really is a credit to all 35 folk in the group for having a go. From the zimmer frame stroller with a mile at a time to the canal bank strider doing 5 miles a day its a brilliant achievement so well done to all and special thanks to Brenda for the sums.

WAMOT- 30 walkers

Today we had thirty walkers join the Walk A Mile or Two walk.  The group was started to help  members get back into walking.  However, regular walkers have joined the group for the social aspect of being able to have a good natter whilst enjoying a short walk.  Faced with such a large group and walkers of different abilities we decided to walk along the canal towards the swing bridge at the Bootle Arms and back in small groups.  The more experienced walkers taking the lead.  A special mention has to go to Shelia and Keith , it was their first walk and they managed 2 miles.  Positive feedback was received  and members enjoyed being able to walk at their own pace.  We have made a good start to our challenge of walking 1000 miles in September.  The group have walked over 261 miles this week.  If we keep this pace up we will reach our target of 1000 miles .

We will walk along the canal again next week in the other direction taking the same approach as we did this week whereby the more experienced walkers will be able to stride out and support will be given to the members that want to go at a slower pace.

In October we are hoping to be able to offer walks of different lengths around Lydiate.

WAMOT – Two Sundays !

What a difference a day makes to the Sunday strollers group.  Last Sunday (23rd) it was wet and miserable. This Sunday it was blue, cloudless skies and a full house of 21 walkers, strolling in the sun. 2.3 miles from Maghull station, along the canal to Brewery Lane, a turn around Balls Wood and back to the station.  All topped off with breakfast and coffee.

Unlike last Sunday, where we started in Lydiate, walked up to Town Green and back under dark, gloomy skies and an almost constant drizzle.

The good news is that both occasions brought out hardy, hearty and interesting company to drive away the Covid blues.  Here are some images from both walks.

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Have you signed up for the ‘1000 mile in September‘ challenge.  The idea is for our U3A  ‘Walk A Mile Or Two‘ walkers to aggregate there miles walked in September.  Can we get over the 1000 miles target together?  Contact Brenda McKenzie to add your miles.


WAMOT – Walk A Mile or Two

1000 miles in September?

We are thinking of a challenge we can do for September.  Maybe try and walk 1000 miles between us during the month . So we are trying to encourage members to do a little often .   With the number we have in the group if they all did a mile a day we would reach 600 so 1000 is achievable .

I will keep you informed – Brenda

WAMOT – Walk a mile or two

The new group had its second stroll on Sunday August 9th with 16 members taking part.  A pleasant and easy stroll of about 2 miles starting and ending at Maghull station followed by coffee in Bernies.

Another stroll is planned for next Sunday going in the opposite direction.

Please contact any of the ‘leaders’ to be included in the walk.  It is essential that you are familiar with the current ‘covid’ restrictions and have up to date membership.

See the group page for these details.