WAMOT – Walk A Mile or Two

1000 miles in September?

We are thinking of a challenge we can do for September.  Maybe try and walk 1000 miles between us during the month . So we are trying to encourage members to do a little often .   With the number we have in the group if they all did a mile a day we would reach 600 so 1000 is achievable .

I will keep you informed – Brenda

WAMOT – Walk a mile or two

The new group had its second stroll on Sunday August 9th with 16 members taking part.  A pleasant and easy stroll of about 2 miles starting and ending at Maghull station followed by coffee in Bernies.

Another stroll is planned for next Sunday going in the opposite direction.

Please contact any of the ‘leaders’ to be included in the walk.  It is essential that you are familiar with the current ‘covid’ restrictions and have up to date membership.

See the group page for these details.


WAMOT – Walk a mile or two !

It is important to stay active, sit less and move more for your physical, mental health and wellbeing. Sunday Strollers usually meets once a month at present but the group decided to meet more often and complete 5 miles local walks.

Four members of the Sunday Strollers decided to form another group that would help members who do not want to walk 5 miles. The group has been called Walk a Mile or Two and completes local walks up to 2 miles.

11 members took part in the first walk which was just less than 2 miles and we plan to do another walk this Sunday 9th August, which is just over 1.5 miles. Social distancing rules are followed. If you want to be involved in either groups please text Brenda McKenzie on 07900525222 for further details.

Walk with a ‘buddy’ ?

If you enjoy walking and would like to find a walking buddy, Group Support are willing to set up a What’s App group so members can find a walking  partner/sThe Nordic

Walking Group have this week successfully started this and couples are going out walking keeping to the social distancing rules.

If you do not have access to What’s App if you email me I am willing to try and find you a walking partner🤞 My email address is mnmck21@aol.com or my telephone number is 07900525222 if you want to send me a text

Walking is a great way to keep fit and it is so much more enjoyable doing it with someone else

Easy Walkers need leader for 2nd group.

The ‘easy walkers’ group leader has asked me to post that the group is now full. 17 people walked last week which is a difficult number for the 2 leaders to manage, to ensure all walkers are safe, and to enable the walk to be fun for everyone. If anyone is willing to create an Easy Walkers – 2 group it would be much appreciated, as our U3A tries to ensure equal access to groups for all members. If anyone is willing to lead another group, which could be on any day of your choosing, please discuss at group leader support desk on Tuesday coffee mornings.  A full program of ready made walks is available so you need not create a new one.  Judith Jones, the current Easy Walk leader, is also happy to discuss with you. Contact her on 07443 334222.

Easy walkers – 2020 Program

Date          Walk Location
6th Feb      Sandhills Station to Britannia Pub
5th Mar      Crosby
2nd Apr      Hop Vine Burscough
7th May    Bull and Dog Burscough
4th Jun      Mystery Walk
2nd Jul      Westhead to Lathom
6th Aug     West Kirby
3rd Sep    Town Green
1st Oct      Eastham Wirral
5th Nov     Wirral Way
3rd Dec     Local walk

October Easy Walk

                                                         The next Easy Walk will be on Thursday 3rd October . This will be a flat walk approx. 6 miles from Freshfield. to Formby. Meet at Maghull station to catch 9:46 train. For more details contact the leader Judith Jones 07443 334222

Easy Walk: May 2nd

Next months Easy Walk will take place on Thursday 2nd May. This will be a 5 mile flat walk from the Hesketh Arms pub in Rufford taking in sections of Mere Sands Nature Reserve. If travelling by train, meet at Maghull Station to catch the 9:23 train to Ormskirk, then bus on to Hesketh Arms. If travelling by car meet at pub at 10:20. Optional meal can be taken at the end of the walk. For more details contact Judith Jones 07443 334222. Please bring new membership card to be checked. Without current card U3A insurance is not valid.