Taiji classics

Master Wong Chung-yua (ca 1600 C.E.)

T’ai Chi is born out of infinity. It is the origin of the positive and the negative. When T’ai Chi is in motion, the positive and negative separate; when T’ai Chi stops, the positive and negative integrate. 

When practicing T’ai Chi, doing too much is the same as doing too little. When the body is in motion, it should follow the curve to extend the movements.

When you practice T’ai Chi, you should relax the neck and suspend the head, as if from a height above you. Internal power should sink to the lower part of the abdomen. Your posture should keep to the centre. Do not lean in any direction. Your movements should be constantly changing from the substantial to the insubstantial. If your left side feels heavy, you should make your left side light. If your right side feels heavy, you should make your right side disappear.