The treble recorder group could take up to about 5 new membeMusicNotes1rs.  You would need to have some very basic knowledge of music or had played an instrument before. We could also take total beginners providing they were committed to catching up with the others in the group. It is only a fun/social thing and there is no emphasis on playing in any professional capacity.

We have also been asked to perform in May at St. Andrews church when they commemorate 100 years end of WW1.  Lyn Maloret

Recorder Group

This was our fourth session and progress is being made.Recorder_0517

We are currently a mix of descant and treble players with the majority playing the treble.

We have already been approached about a concert  (next year !) so we have to keep going now.


Recorder Group Started

recordersAt last we have started a music group, thanks to Christine Otim and Lynne Maloret.

Nine people attended the first session of the recorder group today. There were 5 treble recorder players and 4 descant recorders. Most people were beginners with a few having played some years ago at school. They managed to learn 3 notes together and played their first piece of music!!!!. They have no plans to become expert musicians, but to join together for a fun time playing popular music. They meet at 11.00 in the sanctuary of Maghull Baptist Church on a Tuesday when the U3A coffee morning is just about to finishing. If you would like to know more contact Lynne on 0151 526 4490 or come to the Group Support desk on a Tuesday Morning.