Poetry Reading Group

The Poetry Reading Group meet on the second Wednesday in every month 10.30-12.30. They have eleven members and the meetings are very informal and friendly.  Each month the group decides the subject for the next month, whether it be a particular poet or subject and then go away and either with the help of the internet or their own poetry books choose a poem which they will read out to the group at the next meeting.

Much discussion follows and it is surprising where the discussion goes!!!!

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We would welcome new members but are limited to how many new people we can take as we meet in a members house. Anyone is welcome to come along to test the water and join us  with a cuppa and biscuit.

Call Gwen Parry on 0151 526 4798

Poetry Group

Wednesday 11th July 2012 10:30

Subject   ‘Morning’

A Summer Morning

Never was sun so bright before,
No matin of the lark so sweet,
No grass so green beneath my feet,
Nor with such dewdrops jewelled o’er.

I stand with thee outside the door,
The air not yet is close with heat,
And far across the yellowing wheat
The waves are breaking on the shore.

A lovely day! Yet many such,
Each like to each, this month have passed,
And none did so supremely shine.
One thing they lacked: the perfect touch
Of thee–and thou art come at last,
And half this loveliness is thine.
Robert Fuller Murray