Maths 4 Fun Wed 7th Nov @ 2.30


Come and join us as we continue to explore  strategies for making optimum decisions about every day situations.

This is maths in the real world, lots of laughs and completely stress busting.

Kensington House, Station Road,  2.30  –  4.30   Entrance £1

We will also have a go at making some useful Christmas boxes. You will need a pencil, ruler and some scissors.

More info from Wanda Leach  284 8454  or




MATHS + ART Wed 5th September

Maths 4 Fun will restart on Wednesday 5th September, 2.30  –  4.30 when we will continue to explore the links between Maths and Art.

Lots of drawing involved so you will need a pencil, ruler and compass again for this session.

We look at all the fun stuff they never told you at school.

Venue  –  Kensington House

Entrance £1.50    All welcome

If you hated Maths at school, come and try this fun alternative.

No stress,  lots of laughs,  this is Maths but not as you know it!

More info from Wanda Leach   284 8454  or


Maths 4 Fun

Maths in Art and Architecture

We had a lovely relaxing afternoon exploring the maths in arches, Celtic knots and Moorish tile design.

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We will now have a break for the summer and we will meet again on Wednesday 5th September when we will continue to explore the many links between maths and art. Lots more drawing with pencil, compass and ruler!

More info from Wanda Leach 284 8454 or


Musical Maths part 2 Wed 7th March

MATHS 4 FUN  2.30 to 4.30 at Kensington House

You may well be surprised how much maths there is in musical instruments. Why do a trumpet, guitar and piano all sound different when playing the same note?   Maths has the answer!

What are the rules behind the most memorable tunes from Mozart, the Beatles. Lloyd Weber and John Williams?  Maths has the answer!

Come along for a fun and stress free afternoon.  Entrance £1.50    More info from Wanda Leach 284 8454 or email

Maths 4 Fun Fun FUN

MusicModes2A big thank you to all my group who came today and worked their brains to the bone exploring the maths in music, wrestling with Pythagorean ratios, major 5ths and strange ways of counting!

Next time we will be exploring pentatonic, jazz and blues scales.

We will also discover why each instrument sounds different, with a look at overtones and resonance.

If you like the sound of this, why not come to our next meetingScales1

Wednesday 7th March  2.30  –  4.30 at Kensington House.

Lots of laughs  –  see you there. More info from Wanda Leach 284 8454 or

Musical Maths Wed 7th Feb

MATHS 4 FUN     Kensington House  2.30  –  4.30

Our topic for February is The Maths in Music. MusicIntervals1

Come and find out how the same numbers work for Bach, the Beatles, Lloyd Webber and John Williams. Explore the simple patterns that make some music unforgettable. Whether or not you have any knowledge of music or maths, this entertaining stuff will help you tune in and chill out.

MusicNotes1No stress, lots of laughs.

Bring a simple calculator if you need.

All welcome. Entrance £1.50

More info from Wanda Leach