Maths 4 Fun Wed 2nd Oct @ 2.30

Maths and Art    –   the hidden links

Come and find out how artists throughout the centuries from Michelangelo to Picasso have used the rules of Maths to produce their greatest works.

We will be looking at the Golden Mean, Fibonacci spirals and the rules of perspective, so you will need a pencil, ruler and rubber.

Venue  Kensington House, Station Road.     Entrance £1     All welcome for an enjoyable afternoon.   More info from Wanda Leach   284 8454   or

Happy Puzzlers

MATHS 4 FUN   had a record turn out for our June meeting when sixteen of us laughed and chortled our way through logic puzzles, codewords, sudoku, kakuro and pig problems. Summer hols and more puzzles now beckon.

We will have a break in July and August and meet again on Wednesday 4th September.

By popular request, the answer to the problem on the right is 38

This went viral on facebook last year and is still going round.

Note: the clocks change, the bananas change and the shapes also change. Don’t forget BODMAS.

More info from Wanda Leach

284 8454 or

Maths 4 Fun reminder

Please remember we have no meeting in May.

Wednesday 5th June 2.30  –  4.30 at Kensington House

We will continue to look at some fiendish puzzles and find that they are not so scary after all.

It’s easy when you know how!

All welcome.    Entrance £1

More info from Wanda Leach 284 8454 or

Maths 4 Fun Wed 3rd April @ 2.30

Strategies for SUDOKU, KAKURO and other fiendish puzzles.

We take a light-hearted look at all the fun stuff they never told you at school!

We meet at Kensington House, Station Road, from 2.30 to 4.30

No stress. Lots of laughs.

All welcome   Entrance £1

Why not come and join us for a fun-filled couple of hours?  More information from Wanda Leach       284 8454  or

We are sure you will leave with a smile!

Around the world in Maths 4 Fun

We had a very enjoyable afternoon today discovering links between Newcastle and Valencia, Madrid and New York, Tokyo and Adelaide, and Montevideo and Cape Town.

Our voyage around Latitude and Longitude revived some long forgotten facts about circles and angles, and having tackled time zones and the International Date Line, we think we now all know our place in the world.

We welcomed some new members, and started with warm-up ice-breakers such as:
A family gathering had a mother, father, daughter, son, aunt, uncle, nephew, niece, brother, sister and cousin. If there were only 4 people there, who were they?

If you can’t work it out, ask one of the maths group or come along and join us next time, Wednesday 3rd April at Kensington House at 2.30 when we will be looking at Strategies for Sudoku, Kakuro and other fiendish puzzles.

Maths 4 Fun Wed 6th March@2.30


We will be going round in circles exploring the history, the problems, the inventions and the solutions that we now take for granted when we travel far afield.

Last month we had a hilarious time looking at maths in the house and dealing with wallpaper, tiles, curtains, carpets and kitchen units.

We always have a good laugh so why not join us? Calculators welcome.

Kensington House, 2.30-4.30  Entrance £1        More info from Wanda Leach 284 8454 or

MATHS 4 FUN Wed 6th Feb 2.30-4.30

Maths around the House 

Come and checkout the maths you really need to get those jobs done.

We have a great time looking at the lighter side of maths. Lots of laughs and totally stress-busting. Calculators allowed.

Kensington House, Station Road

Entrance £1    All welcome                            

Remember     Measure twice,                                                          Calculate twice,   Cut once!  

More info from Wanda Leach 284 8454



Maths 4 Fun Christmas Games

Twelve of our group had a great time today with the maths of family games, honing our logic and spatial awareness skills ready for Christmas.

We tried Mobi, Blokus, Bedlam, Tantrix, and some old favourites like 3D noughts and crosses, Chinese Chequers and Connect 4. This is maths but not as you know it!

We will have a break in January and will meet again on Wednesday 6th February 2.30-4.30 at Kensington House. Why not come and join us?

More info from Wanda Leach 284 8454 or