Art Appreciation – Transformation @ Sudley

Transformation – One mans cross-dressing wardrobe


We are visiting Sudley House on  THURSDAY JULY 27th  for our much looked forward to ‘follow up’ from Pauline  on Peter Farrer the ‘cross dresser’ with his wonderful taste in ladies clothes.

Booking is a must at desk on Tuesdays

Meet at the venue,  1.15 or be early and enjoy a nice lunch in the café.

Art App – Willy home again.

We all know Willy Russell is a brilliant writer, but did you know he is an accomplished artist too?

We are going to be amongst the first to view this very talented local lads art work at Kirkby Gallery. He is returning to Knowsley, his birthplace, after the very successful exhibition of 2015. It will be viewed here before the  London showing.

MONDAY May 15th 10 am at venue,

Booking at the desk on Tuesdays.