Parish Hall window completed


Work has been in progress for the last two years but at last we have finished. It was with some trepidation that we agreed to rebuild the main stain glass window in the Parish Hall, opposite St Andrew’s. However we started work and most members of our group have been occupied in the project over the intervening period, a real joint effort.
We had originally hoped that we would be able to re-use some of the original glass from the window. However the glass is over a hundred years old and it was difficult to match old glass with new. We decided to replace all the glass with new glass at the same time keeping to the original colours as closely as possible. Eighteen sections have now been rebuilt over the last two years. On the 2nd and 3rd of September the glazier fitted the final twelve panels and we were able to see the result of our work.
The final result was very pleasing. The new glass is slightly more vibrant and lively than the previous glasses. The various repairs that had been done over the years had not kept to the original pattern and colours. Now the pattern and colours are consistent and produce a pleasant effect.
It has been a great achievement for our group. Although we are amateurs we feel we have produced a professional result. With confidence we look forward to the future and hopefully more successful and pleasing work. Congratulations to all who took part.

Lydiate’s people


Lydiate's People CD

Lydiate’s People CD

Family History Group

Family History Group

For those who do not know it Lydiate is a village set in the rich arable farmlands lying between Liverpool, Southport and the Western Pennines.  For those who do know Lydiate the CD, which we have just published, will  be of great interest particularly anyone interested in family history. This unique CD is the fruit  of several years work researched by the  members of our Family History group. Using various websites and microfiche sources we have downloaded from the censuses between the years 1841  and 1871 the details of every inhabitant of Lydiate. Continue reading

New Church Window

Window by Bob Jones

view from the pew













Over the last few months one of our group has been working well on a very special piece. Bob Jones is a member of the Waterloo United Free Church which is celebrating its 100th anniversary. Bob has constructed a window incorporating two Christian symbols which shape the figure 100. This imaginative piece of stained glass work is now in place in their place of worship. Members of the congregation have been high in praise of Bob’s work and are encouraging him to extend his work and create an even bigger window.
Bob is a good example of the talent that is being exhibited by our group the members of which are engaged on many pieces of challenging and tasteful designs. The vibrant colours of glass are enriching their homes.

Final total for sponsored cycle ride

In July I completed the collection of sponsor money which people have so generously contributed. The final sum was £800 for which I sent cheques off to Médecins Sans Frontières MSF (Doctors Without Borders). I have received acknowledgement of this and will post this on the notice board on Tuesday.
Again very grateful thanks to all those who sponsored Reg Moore
and myself.

John Jackson.

Write about yourself

The creative writing group is having a rest until October. When we start again we intend to focus on people who want to write something about themselves. This sounds very introspective and self centred. However people may wish to write about themselves for several reasons. Most have interesting incidents or episodes in their lives and it is good to share these. If you have family then you may want to share these events with your family. Maybe some wish to write up the history of their family. There are many reasons why we may want to share our past experiences. With some guidance we may be assisted to present these events in a way which will make easy reading and thus make them more memorable for the reader.
Keep your eye open for more news of this and if you are interested contact Arthur Hughes or any committee member.