August 2022 Update

After a bit of uncertainty, our August Coffee Mornings are all sorted.

Our u3a will be open each Tuesday in August bar one, so you’ll be able to meet up with friends, catch up with the gossip, enjoy a good cuppa and keep up with all the action right through the summer.

We will be open on the 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd of August but will be closed on Tuesday the 30th which is the day after the August Bank Holiday.


5 thoughts on “August 2022 Update

  1. After reading Aintree u3a’s latest newsletter I asked why we at Maghull & Lydiate no longer have one. You may not know it stopped because not enough submissions were received to carry on producing it. I miss it, and I’m sure many others do. I know you can scroll down for all the latest info but not everyone has a smart phone or just prefers to peruse the old fashioned words on a page.

    Maybe members would engage with a new slightly different version. It’s good to have up to date group info to hand, particularly if you’re not online As well as their news if there’s space it could include our latest projects and future events, eg Open Days. News from holidays and trips is always welcome. Possibly a seasonal photo, from the Photography group, a recipe, or poem would fill a corner. Would some of our new members like to share their views and experience of joining.

    We all have a good ‘ catch up’ over Tuesday morning coffee, could some of it go into print and maybe include a slot to thank those who arrange our wonderful activities or even suggest new ones.

    Would we like a suggestion box available to allow those without computer to submit something?

    What do people think? I’ve had my say – how about yours?

    • Hi Maureen. I would agree a lot of members miss the newsletter and the up to date information it gave us. It was always interesting as well to see what other Groups were doing. Most u3a’s have one now. Perhaps you have stirred up some interest in restoring it. Let ‘s see!

  2. My ‘pennorth’ of thoughts.

    Producing a paper edition is:
    Time consuming
    Needs dedication
    Lots of input to keep it fresh

    With 2 week ‘lead time’ it can be out of date before its available, especially if its bi- monthly.

    The single big bonus is paper can be stuck on walls everywhere !

    My preference is on-line where detail can updated in seconds. Limited print runs can be available for distribution at very low cost.

    I understand that not everyone is ‘online’ but a recent survey by our u3a suggested 80% of folk were.

  3. Producing a newsletter four pages long costs us only 10p and as we have increased the membership fee surely £1.00 per annum is acceptable.
    Our newsletter was produced each month regulary apart from Aug & Dec and the information was invariably up to date as it was printed ahead of time.
    Items online drop down as soon as a new item is added this can mean items are missed by many people.

    The newsletter is not particularly time consuming as long as enough items have been sent in.

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