South Parks 24/02/2022

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Despite the gloomy weather forecast, a (fool?) hardy twenty strong group met at Aigburth Station for today’s walk. We left the station and walked down Mersey Road to Otterspool Drive. Because of the strong wind, we decided not to walk on the prom and instead repeat an earlier walk through the parks where the trees would give us some protection. We turned into Otterspool Park and followed the course of the (mainly underground) River Jordan, which empties Sefton Park lake into the Mersey, and emerged at Jericho Lane. A subway under Aigburth Road led us to the southern entrance to Sefton Park and we took the path around the lake. As we passed a fountain in the lake, we veered off towards the Palm House and had a short break from the wind to look at some of its exhibits. (I mentally renamed it the Calm House) A short walk from there brought us to the park’s cafe where we had hot drinks, a snack and a comfort break. The sound of chain saws could be heard dealing with the fallen trees brought down by the recent storms. Refreshed, we took a path towards the obelisk and saw a long broad band of crocuses lining its edge. As we left Sefton Park, Windermere Terrace then led us into Princes Park. We followed the path round the lake and saw a group of cormorants preening themselves on the far bank. We reached the end of the park having failed (again) to find the grave of Judy the Donkey. The next leg of the walk was along the centre of Princes Boulevard between terraces of three storied ex merchants’ houses. Plaques with information on the history of Toxteth were dotted along the path. Soon Liverpool Cathedral came into view and we left the boulevard to walk along Upper Parliament Street. We entered St James Gardens in the grounds of the Cathedral with an array of snowdrops in view. With the Cathedral towering above us we passed the Huskisson Memorial and made our way through the gravestone lined tunnel and emerged between the Cathedral entrance and the Oratory, where our walk ended. After a discussion on the future of the group, we split up with some going for lunch and the rest for the train home. While the forecast had been for rain as well as wind, apart from a couple of very brief hail showers, we walked largely in sunshine and kept dry.

Thanks to Anne for organising.

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