Altcar visit 18/2/22

All members attending to note

I have just had advice from the Catering Manager (1.15pm) that the kitchen where they were to prepare the food as chosen by all members (it probably took me several hours to organise choices , collate them , send them to Altcar and discuss the issue) is not available

They have offered a “cold buffet” with various choices which I have accepted.

This may be a better option as I was concerned that each choice made by members would have had to be prepared individually and with 34 attending it would have resulted in many members waiting a long time for there food.

I have been advised that I will be receiving a “drinks menu” and if received I will make a number of  photocopies to hand to members.

The weather does not look good for Friday and I would advise members to prepare for poor weather by donning “waterproof clothing” and “sturdy footwear”


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