Meols to New Brighton 25/11/21

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A Baker’s Dozen of walkers took the train to Meols and made our way through the village to the sea front. The weather was bright and sunny without a cloud to be seen. We walked past Moreton Shore along Meols Parade towards New Brighton, with redshanks and oystercatchers pecking at the pools in the sand. The tide was out with the sea seeming almost as far away as the wind farms. A great white egret was wading in a pool left by the tide and a parcel of oystercatchers (I’m assured that’s the collective noun for them) took flight and did a passable imitation of a murmuration of starlings. We passed Leasowe Lighthouse, the oldest brick built lighthouse in the UK. It was built in 1763 and in use until 1908 as a lighthouse and now open to the public on Sundays in the summer. Turning inland, we took a short break at the busy Green Hut Cafe. Returning to the front, we continued along the breakwater passing dog walkers and occasional cyclists. The red and white cranes at Seaforth Docks could be seen in the distance as we passed Leasowe Castle and Golf Course. The wind seemed to have strengthened since our break and the tide had turned, with the waves now almost reaching the breakwater. We then passed Wallasey Golf Course with the tops of the Liverpool Waterfront buildings peeping over the hills. In the Mersey, the Stena Line ferry was making its way out to Belfast with oil tanker, Nordic Nelly, heading in for Tranmere. A juggling clown welcomed us to New Brighton Promenade and the last stretch of our walk. After we passed the boating lake we split, with half heading for home and half having a meal at the Seahorse restaurant.
Thanks to Anne, Sheila and Judith for organising and recce-ing.

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