Family History – Sep – Dec 2021

We plan to hold meetings in the Lydiate Village Centre, Lambshear Lane, at 1.30pm in the larger middle room.

3rd September  2021   Great to be back party.

Progress, Assistance. Recording what we did or didn’t do in “Lockdown 2020 – 2021

Tea/Coffee and Cake!

1st October 2021

Select a member from your family tree and explore what they would have worn for work or leisure. Hats, suits, dresses etc. What was the fashion for their social standing?

5th November 2021

Old wedding photos. Discuss styles through the years, Bride and Groom as well as guests.

3rd December 2021

Quiz (any offers), party food.

Any ideas you have for the 2022 program would be appreciated.

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