Sardinia 2021

I have just been contacted by John Makinson of Discovery Travel , approx.1.00pm today

He advised me that EasyJet have cancelled the flights that were booked to take us to and return us from Sardinia

At present , there is no other option to proceed with the proposed tour this year.

DT  are looking at options for 2022 , however if a member does not wish to continue , flight costs will be recoverable from EasyJet via DT

Some aspects of the deposits have been expended in Sicily and therefore that aspect of the deposit refund is in doubt.

Members are requested to identify whether they want to consider 2022 or seek partial refund.


4 thoughts on “Sardinia 2021

  1. Happy Wednesday!Hope you are both fit and well.
    I would love to be part of trip next year.
    Best wishes MM

  2. Hi George

    Cheryl and I cannot commit to a third attempt to run this trip in 2022 and would wish to seek the maximum available refund. easyJet have already processed a refund of our flight costs.

    Do we need to contact DT direct to confirm these matters?


  3. Hello George, I have recently joined Maghull u3a and would like to be included in the Wine Tasting group please. Thanks, Christine

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