Bodmin Jail Hotel – June 2021

A 4/5 star hotel, a dining room built inside a chapel, Michaelangelo’s fresco on the ceiling, lights that changed in tune to the heavenly music and Cordon Bleu cooking.  You’d be expecting the dress code to be black tie and long frocks for the ladies – but no.
For this intrepid couple it meant putting on your pyjamas and turning up in barefeet!

Frances and Ken are on a mission and they turned up in their signature Alderhey pyjamas! Their aim is to raise awareness for the work Alderhey hospital is doing and they have been turning up in their pyjamas at various venues.
There were no disapproving looks from the rest of the guests though, just an interest in what it was all about.  Guess that means they fulfilled their aim – mission accomplished!
I wonder where they’ll turn up next?!

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