Membership renewal – Here’s how!

I have recently been contacted by several members asking how to renew their membership. You will be aware renewals were abruptly halted when the U3A had to close down due to the coronavirus crisis. It is possible to renew your membership using the “new member” form on the website.

You will still retain your current membership number even if you use this form. Details of how to renew in this way can be found by clicking on the membership application tab in the documents section on the home page of the website and following the instructions therein. Please ensure you enclose a large SAE for your card and year book to be sent out to you. There are currently 390 members who have yet to renew their membership, and we would encourage as many of you as possible to renew in this way. As groups slowly start to re-open please be aware you are not covered by U3A insurance unless you have a current 2020 membership card. NB if you have a card with a yellow edge you have renewed! Some people have tried to renew twice! 🙂

Marg Kendall

4 thoughts on “Membership renewal – Here’s how!

  1. Re your e-mail regarding membership renewal, is there an alternative way of paying this as my printer is playing up and refusing to work at the moment? Also my friend Brenda Hoggen, who also owes her membership renewal doesn’t have a computer. I can get the cheques and sae to Claremont Avenue to you with the relevant details. Will wait to hear from you.
    Irene Gibson

    • £6. All the details of how much and how to renew are on the membership form section. Just follow the link in the message on site.

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