Lockdown Leads to Poetry

The following poem was written by one of our members, I’m sure the sentiment will strike a chord with many of us!!

Decisions! Decisions!

Sitting here deciding and thinking what to do

It really is quite wearing makes me feel quite blue

I should clear out that cupboard throw out all the tat

But I might need it one day so that’s the end of that

Executive decisions they are running through my mind

Should I clean the paintwork or something of that kind?

It’s made me tired thinking of the jobs ahead of me

I’ll have to sit and have a rest and make a cup of tea

You’d think it would be easy to have the time you need

But all I really want to do is sit down and have a read

I feel a little guilty when friends say what they’ve done

But that guilt it soon wears off when I’m sitting in the sun

I get out all the tools to make a garden of perfection

Then it seems that I have lost all sense of my direction

I’m right back in the kitchen now how did I get here

The teapots on the table and I’ll have a cup to cheer

The nasty time is over and things have not been done

Do I regret time wasted when I didn’t even manage one?

I’ve got a lovely sun tan, have read favourite books galore

And the jobs they still awaiting just as they were before

Pat Johnson      Litherland

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