Art Appreciation – Quiz 12

We have been requested by other members of U3A to put the weekly art quiz out to anyone who would wish to take part, so here is the last weeks .

If you wish to send answers on to that’s fine , they will not be shared with others as  It’s not a competition Just an exercise, research is allowed.

Good luck, stay safe – Maureen


1 Which artist said ‘Everything you can imagine is real’?

2 Which English singer commissioned a painting of the cartoon character   Sponge bob Square pants for his house in 2008?
3 Which Glasgow-based sculptor, whose works include artificial trees and a      leaning litter bin, won the 2011 Turner Prize?
4‘The Harlot’s Progress’ is a series of paintings and engravings by which 18th    Century English painter?
5  A 2009 article in The Economist, which late artist was described as the   ‘bellwether of the art market’, referring to a painting of his which was sold in 1963 for $100 million?
6  The ‘Black Paintings’ is the name given to a group of paintings by which
Spanish artist?

7  What is the name of the stainless steel sculpture, by William Pye, in London’s Greenland Dock?

8  What was the name of Clement Freud’s late artist brother?

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