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  1. This is another query.

    Bell’s Lane – In the 1970s, there was a small general store on the left hand side before Captain Herd’s Bridge – I occasionally used it for emergencies purchases on a Sunday afternoon when most larger stores were closed. I lived in Turnbridge Road Maghull.

    I am just generally curious about it and the immediate area. I was prompted to think about this when I saw some online reminiscences from the question – do you remember when everywhere was closed on a Sunday.

    I wrote my own reminiscences and thought they would be improved with a picture – hence my search began and along the way I discovered the name of the bridge – that I knew as the Running Horse Turnbridge.

    I see down the years it has attracted lots of other names but also that “The Runnies” does not appear to be named on any Ordnance Survey Map, at least none available for the Lydiate area from the scans by the National Library of Scotland – thus far I came to your website. sat that another has posted a query and so add mine as maybe a way of connecting with folk with an interest in the local history of South west Lancashire.

    Thank you for the opportunity to at least post my question.

    I nowadays do not leave home much, so the biggest problem, thus far the Covid-19 restrictions has caused is getting supplies online – which now we can manage just about by using the independent local traders in our part of Essex.

    Our part of Essex is Tolleshunt Knights, in Maldon District, immediately bordering Tiptree in Colchester Borough – not unlike the way my home in Maghull was once almost on the border with Lydiate.

    With good wishes,

    Andrew S Hatton.

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